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Maine, United States

latitude: 45.25, longitude: -69
Browse map of Maine 45°15′00.00″ N, 69°00′00.00″ W
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Maine is a state in the United States at latitude 45°15′00.00″ North, longitude 69°00′00.00″ West.

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Route relations

Interstate relations

See Interstate Highways Relations

Network Number Relation Status and notes
Interstate (US:I)
195 east relation 307920 Complete
Interstate (US:I)
195 west relation 307921 Complete
Interstate (US:I)
395 east relation 307822 Complete
Interstate (US:I)
395 west relation 307821 Complete
Interstate (US:I)
495 east relation 307874 Complete
Interstate (US:I)
495 west relation 307875 Complete

US Highways Maine

Network Number Relation Status and notes
U.S. Route (US:US)
See United States Numbered Highway Relations
1 Relation not defined yet

State Routes

Network Number Relation Status and notes
State Route (US:ME) 11A relation 307788
State Route (US:ME) 178 relation 306707
State Route (US:ME) 182 relation 331171
State Route (US:ME) 183 relation 331182
State Route (US:ME) 185 relation 331181
State Route (US:ME) 186 relation 331191
State Route (US:ME) 193 relation 308413
State Route (US:ME) 195 relation 331192
State Route (US:ME) 200 relation 331197
State Route (US:ME) 221 relation 307785
State Route (US:ME) 222 relation 307755

Known Issues

Maine's OSM mapping is somewhat neglected relative to other regions. These are some of the known issues.

  • Lack of active mappers or coordinated effort
  • Lack of addresses
  • Roads
    • Many roads are missing or mis-named
    • Many snowmobile, farm paths and logging roads are tagged as residential roads
    • Existing roads should be validated against a reference
    • Lack of speed limits, one way, turn restriction and other routing details
  • Lack of building footprints
  • Some administrative boundaries are inaccurate (for example: Scarborough, Maine)
  • Points of interest are lacking or old
  • Points of Interest
  • The GNIS left many things that no longer exist, or were put in the wrong place

Large Efforts

Data Sources Available for Projects in Maine