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Louisiana, United States

latitude: 31.5, longitude: -92
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Louisiana is a state in the United States at latitude 31°30′00.00″ North, longitude 92°00′00.00″ West.


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Tagging suggestions for Louisiana

Route relations

Some highways are moving from the old way-based tagging scheme to the new route relations. Each relation should have network=* and ref=* keys, as well as a symbol=* key with the URL to the SVG image found on the highway's Wikipedia article. If the entire route has the same name, the name=* key may also be specified on the relation.

Interstate highways

Mark all member relations as network=US:I. Please keep this list synchronized with Interstate Highways Relations.

Number Relation Status and notes
10 relation 34171 From St. James–St. John the Baptist parish line to Mississippi state line. One relation for both directions.
510 relation 120983 Complete. One relation for both directions, with role=north/south.

U.S. Routes

Mark all member relations as network=US:US. Please keep this list synchronized with United States Numbered Highway Relations‎. If "status" is blank for a column, that probably means the relation is not yet used in Louisiana.

Number Relation Status and notes
11 relation 2301034 Complete
51 relation 2304867 Complete
61 relation 2304867 Complete
65 relation 1630659 Complete
71 relation 1629682 Complete
79 relation 1629650 Complete
80 relation 1629631 Complete
84 relation 2310734 Complete
90 relation 2310780 Complete
165 relation 452577 Complete
167 relation 452621 Complete
171 relation 452672 Complete
190 relation 1628559 Complete
371 relation 452676 Complete
425 relation 450774 Complete

State routes

Mark all member relations as network=US:LA.

Number Relation Status and notes
1 relation 2193828 From Bayou Rigaud to Texas
1 Business relation 10284350 Natchitoches
6 relation 3805210 From Texas to Clarence
6 Business relation 10284346 Natchitoches
8 relation 122989 From Texas to Sicily Island
47 relation 122989 From Chalmette Ferry to Downman Rd.

Parish roads

Tag parish roads with ref=PR ### on the way (by analogy with CR for county roads in other states) and network=US:LA:PR:Parish Name ref=###.

Possible Data Sources

The Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator's Office's (!) offers a large set of GIS data here: http://lagic.lsu.edu/loscoweb/showall.asp

They even have maps of No, Rare, Occasional, and Frequent Bear sightings!

GNIS Sites

Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) is a collection of names and data for locations and natural features. Keep in mind that the GNIS' map only provides a general location of a place or feature and may not be accurate. Some places are also abandoned or non-existent and may have "(historical)" next to a name.


These sources are provided by the local government or an open data map.

- East Baton Rouge Parish

- West Feliciana Parish

Rivers, streams, and major drainage ditches

LA DOT's Flowline Map provides the name and general path of water ways.

Highway Classification

LA DOT's Functional System Map provides a color coded map of highway classification in Louisiana.