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Flag of United States Part of United States mapping project.
Wisconsin, United States, North America

latitude: 44.65, longitude: -89.69
Browse map of Wisconsin 44°39′00.00″ N, 89°41′24.00″ W
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Wisconsin is a state in United States, North America at latitude 44°39′00.00″ North, longitude 89°41′24.00″ West.

Projects underway

  • Mass transit systems: mapping routes and stops (See 'Public Transportation', below, on this page)
  • Complete mapping of all named waterways according to GNIS (query 'Wisconsin', your county of choice, and feature type 'stream'), and placing these into waterway relations, one per name (Counties complete so far: Calumet, Outagamie); see relation 172143 and relation 1560905 for examples
  • Complete mapping and tagging of all named lakes according to GNIS (see 'Bodies of water', below)
  • Identifying boundaries of Wisconsin's Towns (civil townships), mapping them using administrative boundary relations, and properly stitching these into already existing boundaries (counties, cities)
  • Adding power=substation, power=line voltage=* and names and refs of these where available, to map the Wisconsin electric power transmission infrastructure (much of the eastern half of Wisconsin is laid out at http://www.atc10yearplan.com/ )

Major Cities



Remember to keep this table synchronized with the national Interstate page.

Number SuperRelation (States) Wisconsin Relation (States) Progress and notes
39 relation 115337 (IL;WI) relation 3968434 (IL;WI) Complete.
41 relation 5309453 (IL;WI) relation 4050828 (WI) Complete.
relation 112871 (WI) Complete.
43 Alternate (Milwaukee)
relation 5760758 (WI) Complete.
90 relation 303058 (WI;ID;MT;WY;SD;MN;WI;IL;IN;OH;PA;NY;MA) relation 6897263 (WI) (Eastbound) Complete.
relation 115336 (WI) (Westbound)
94 relation 1297920 (MT;ND;MN;WI;IL;IN;MI) relation 1858377 (ND;MN;WI;IL) Complete.
relation 1637692 (MN;WI) Complete.
relation 1637682 (WI) Complete.
relation 113580 (WI) Complete.

US Highways

Number Relation Progress and notes
2 relation 2307089 Complete.
8 relation 116323 Complete.
10 relation 2308439 Complete.
Business 10
relation 1938660
12 relation 116344
Business 12
relation 1938661
Business 12
(Sauk City/Prairie du Sac)
relation 1938662
Business 12
relation 1938663
14 relation 2308513
Business 14
relation 1938664
18 relation 120339
Business 18
(Mount Horeb)
relation 1938671
Business 18
relation 1938672
41 relation 2304386
Business 41
(De Pere)
relation 4052769
45 relation 2304411
Business 45
(New London)
relation 1941314
51 relation 116316
Business 51
(Stevens Point)
relation 1941513
Business 51
relation 1941515
Spur 51
relation 4052898 Unsigned.
53 relation 116017
Business 53
(Eau Claire) (future)
Relation not defined yet
Business 53
relation 4052917
Business 53
(Solon Springs)
relation 1941519
Business 53
relation 4052941
61 relation 1630664
63 relation 2304875
141 relation 255171
151 relation 2308515
Business 151
relation 1938667
Business 151
(Beaver Dam)
relation 1943858
Business 151
relation 1943859
Business 151
(Mineral Point)
relation 1943860
Business 151
(Mount Horeb)
relation 1938666
Business 151
relation 1943861
Business 151
(Sun Prairie)
relation 1943862
Business 151
relation 1943863

State Highways

Wisconsin/State Highway Relations

County Highways

Wisconsin/County Highway Relations

Public Transportation

Please feel free to add public transportation routes in Wisconsin! I have been working on part of this; I have noticed that other people have also mapped public transportation. If you can update the count on this page, that would be great! If you want to list your route relations, please create a new public transportation page to list individual routes.

Additional Pages

Progress by Agency

  • Bay Area Rural Transit- 0/10
  • Beloit Transit- 0/10
  • Dunn County- 1/2
  • Eau Claire Transit- 1/30
  • Fond du Lac Area Transit- 7/8 (Stops needed on mapped routes)
  • Fox Valley Transit- 2/20 (Stops needed on mapped routes)
  • Green Bay Metro Transit- 0/16
  • Janesville Transit System- 0/6
  • Kenosha Area Transit- 0/7
  • La Crosse Municipal Transit Utility (MTU)- 1/9 (Stops needed on mapped routes)
  • Madison Metro (see Madison, Wisconsin/Bus Routes Project)
  • Maritime Metro Transit (Manitowoc)- 3/7
  • Menominee Regional Transit- 0/6
  • Milwaukee County Transit System- 1*/61
  • Monona Transit
    • Monona Express has been mapped
    • Monona Lift has yet to be mapped
  • Oshkosh GO Transit- 3/10 (Stops needed on mapped routes)
  • Belle Urban System (Racine)
  • Shoreline Metro (Sheboygan)- 2/13
  • Stevens Point Transit
  • Duluth Transit Authority (Superior)- 1/2 (Stops on mapped route; need to be added to relation)
  • Washington County Commuter Express- 1*/2
  • Waukesha County Transit- 0/4
  • Waukesha Metro Transit- 3/11 (Stops needed on mapped routes)
  • Metro Ride (Wausau)
  • Western Kenosha County Transit- 0/4
  • Titan Transit (University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh)- 2/2 (Stops needed on mapped routes)

*Partially mapped route


Wisconsin/Railway Relations, only focussed on passenger rail presently, is an early start at what might eventually become a Wisconsin/Railroads wiki (containing all rail in the state, both passenger and freight).

Bodies of water and waterways

Wisconsin/Bodies of water

Proposed Mapping Guidelines

See Wisconsin/Guidelines to see a list of ideas for ways to map Wisconsin.