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Tagging information

WIS County blank.svg

County highways in Wisconsin have one-, two-, or three-letter designations preceded by CTH (for "County Trunk Highway"). Thus, an example of a reference for a county highway might be ref=CTH OSM.

Raw TIGER data generally does not include this designation as a reference (ref=*) tag, and often gives the letter designation in the main name tag (name=*). When this is encountered, first check the TIGER tags on the way to see if a local name exists in addition to the letter designation. If so, it is suggested to replace the main name value with the way's actual name, and add a ref=* tag in the standard form above. For instance, here is an example how a street named Western Road (part of Ozaukee County Highway T) appeared with raw TIGER tags, and how to correct it:

Example correction of TIGER tags for county highways
Raw tags Corrected tags
name=County Highway T
name_1=Western Rd
Symbol Arrow right white green.svg highway=tertiary
name=Western Road
ref=CTH T

The tiger namespace tags (keys beginning with "tiger:") are not shown since they can be ignored. However, they sometimes can be useful to look at for additional information such as what the street's actual name is, when one exists.

Be aware that not all Wisconsin letter designated county roads have a road name drastically different from their designation. For example,"County Road O" is the postal street address name associated with this portion of County Trunk Highway O in Outagamie County. If you cannot find an alternate name, research to see if one exists, or in fact none exists, and tag accordingly.


At a minimum, all Wisconsin County Trunk Highway relations should contain the following tags and associated values:

Key Value Discussion
type=* route Required. This is a "route" relation (as opposed to other types of relations)
route=* road Required. This route is part of the roadway network for automobiles (as opposed to a bus route, hiking route, cycling route, etc.)
name=* common name Required. The full name for this county route. Almost all have the name/ format CountyName County Trunk Highway AAA. If a county has spaces, use them: Fond du Lac County Trunk Highway RP
network=* US:WI:CountyName or


Required. Most in this list will have the route identifier US:WI:CountyName. Again if a county has a space, that's used here: US:WI:Fond du Lac

County Trunk Highways that have route modifiers (Spur, Alternate, etc.) should have that included. Applicable examples include US:WI:CountyName:Spur, and US:WI:CountyName:Business.

is_in:state=* WI Required. All Wisconsin County Trunk Highways should be tagged with this value.
ref=* reference letter or letters Required. The route number. Examples: A, RP, ZZZ. If a route modifier exists (Spur, Truck, Alternate, etc.) it should not be present in this key. Instead, it should be incorporated into the 'modifier' key, and the 'network' key.
wikipedia=* Wikipedia Page Title Required if article exists. Nominatim uses the wikipedia key to weight/rank returned search results, so it's a good idea to include this. This being said as of this writing, no specific County Trunk Highway Wikipedia articles exist for Wisconsin, so in practice this tag will not be used.
symbol=* url Required if SVG file exists. The URL of a graphical representation of the route's symbol, in SVG format. See Wikimedia Commons: Wisconsin County Highway Shields for the list of available SVG files.
modifier=* type If applicable. Some routes have a "tab" (officially a "banner") attached to the route number that distinguishes it from other, related routes. Usually the text of the attached tab should be used; common examples as per taginfo include "Alternate", "Business", "Bypass", "Spur", "Scenic", "Toll", "Truck". Note that these values are capitalized! If the modifier tag exists, it should also be incorporated into the network tag.
direction=* northsoutheastwest If applicable. This tag is used on Wisconsin County Trunk Highways that are divided on the map along their entire length. These highways must have two separate route relations, one for each direction of travel. In such cases, the direction key should have a value of the the cardinal direction on the tab of the sign, and it should also be used in the relation's name; for example, the route relation for eastbound Brown County Highway G should be named Brown County Trunk Highway G east and should have the key and value direction=east. Note the signed direction may not directly match the compass direction of travel; the signed direction should be tagged.

Individual ways

At a minimum, all Wisconsin County Trunk Highway ways should contain the following tags and associated values:

Key Value Discussion
highway=* type Required. Depending on the functional classification of the road, this will be one of motorway, trunk, primary, secondary, tertiary, or unclassified.
ref=* road Required. Any way that is part of a Wisconsin county highway should have the reference CTH AAA as part of this field. In the case of route concurrencies, separate each with a semicolon, without spaces between the references. When two county highways share a way, it's suggested ordering them alphabetically, e.g. CTH A;CTH GG. When there is a modifier for the highway (Business, Truck, Spur, etc.) this should be appended to the end of the field, e.g. CTH F Business. Doing this allows mapping tools that do not yet understand route relations (above) to print something using the older per-way reference standard.
name=* common name Required. The common name for this portion of the county route as indicated by signs. When a local name does not exist for the way, the US Postal Service generally recognizes County Highway AAA or County Road AAA; check which is applicable. When a local name does exist, this field should be that name, e.g. Main Street.
Route relation County route relation Required. Each county route that this way is a part of should be a member of its respective route relation. If the way handles traffic in both directions, a role need not be assigned. If the way is handling traffic in only one direction (typical on divided highways or on highway links), then this way should be assigned the relation role north, south, east, or west, whichever signed direction of traffic the way handles for the route.
alt_name=* County Highway AAA or County Road AAA If applicable. If a local name exists for the way, you may wish to add County Highway AAA or County Road AAA as an alt_name in cases where postal addressing allows both. This should be checked on a per-way basis for validity.


County Letter(s) Relation Progress and notes
Brown U relation 4010084
Z relation 4012031 Continues into Outagamie as relation 4012032
Dane AB relation 4497581
BB relation 4497613
BW relation 4497648
M relation 4500214
MC relation 4497656
Q relation 4497725
Dodge D relation 5179708 Mostly in Washington as relation 5179657
Fond du Lac B relation 148310
G relation 148311
RP relation 4037595 Not complete.
Grant A relation 8725840
B relation 8725915
C relation 8725843
D relation 8725916
E relation 8725852
F relation 8725850
G relation 8725848
H relation 8725914
HH relation 8725903
HHH relation 8725905
J relation 8725912
JJ relation 8725911
K relation 8725851
M relation 8725844
N relation 8725908
O relation 8725904
P relation 8725842
Q relation 8725849
S relation 8725846
T relation 8725847
U relation 8725907
V relation 121132
VV relation 8725910
W relation 8725906
X relation 8725841
XX relation 8725918
Y relation 8725909
Z relation 8725902
ZZ relation 8725901
Iowa A relation 8728864
B relation 8728860
D relation 8728986
DD relation 8728974
E relation 8728984
F relation 8728865
G relation 8728990
IG relation 8728989
J relation 8728991
K relation 8727904
O relation 8728861
Q relation 8728992
QQ relation 8728987
S relation 8728971
U relation 8728972
W relation 8728975
X relation 8728983
XX relation 8728995
Y relation 8728866
YD relation 8728985
La Crosse A relation 8665048
AE relation 8665054
B relation 8669398
BW relation 9357001
C relation 8665049
CO relation 9357231
D relation 8665057
DD relation 8669272
DE relation 8669276
DH relation 8665058
E relation 8669277
EE relation 8665053
F relation 8669261
FA relation 8669260
FO relation 8669262
G relation 8669251
GI relation 8669259
H relation 8669250
HD relation 8669266
I relation 8664694
II relation 8664695
J relation 8669254
JB relation 8664697
JJ relation 8664696
K relation 8665060
M relation 8664725
MH relation 8669265
MM relation 8669248
N relation 8669256
NN relation 8664726
OA relation 8669263
OS relation 8669252
P relation 8669257
PH relation 8669270
PI relation 8669249
Q relation 8665056
S relation 8665050
SN relation 8665059
SS relation 8669369
T relation 8669274
TA relation 8665055
TT relation 8669273
U relation 8665077
V relation 8665075
VP relation 8669282
VV relation 8665076
W relation 8669275
X relation 8669258
XX relation 8664724
Y relation 8669253
YY relation 8669264
Z relation 8669270
ZB relation 8669269
ZN relation 8669268
ZZ relation 8669267
Langlade M relation 4018919
P relation 4018916
Lincoln X relation 116322
Milwaukee S relation 1663031
Outagamie A relation 4009382
AA relation 4012060
B relation 4012399
BB relation 4012052 Lies on the Outagamie-Winnebago county line.
C relation 4010059
CA relation 4012036
CB relation 4012037 Continues into Winnebago as relation 4012038
CC relation 4012072
CE relation 4012035 Small part extends into Brown county.
D relation 4009480 Largely on the Outagamie-Waupaca county line.
DD relation 4009490
E relation 4009349
EE relation 4009341
F relation 4010154
FF relation 4010155
G relation 4010075
GG relation 4012012
GV relation 1077642
H relation 4011991
HH relation 4012033
I relation 4011443 Labeled Waupaca (mostly in that co.)
J relation 4012068
JJ relation 4009384
K relation 4012034
KK relation 3854061
M relation 4009440
MM relation 4012053
N relation 4012056
NC relation 4015584
O relation 4009387
OO relation 4012064
P relation 4012488
PP relation 4012042
Q relation 4012078
S relation 4009524
T relation 3837964
TT relation 3855513
U relation 4011993
UU relation 4012080
VV relation 4010060
W relation 4009489
WW relation 4009483
X relation 4010081
XX relation 4010125
Y relation 4010061
Z relation 4012032 Continues into Brown as relation 4012031
ZZ relation 4012004
Ozaukee NN relation 5179559 Continues into Washington as relation 5179557
Saint Croix A relation 3126079
B relation 6330860
BB relation 6330861
C relation 6330868
CC relation 6330869
D relation 6330882
DD relation 6333184
E relation 6330793
F relation 6330879
FF relation 6330880
G relation 6330795
GG relation 6333218
H relation 6330887
I relation 6330794
J relation 6333171
JJ relation 6333259
K relation 6333172
KK relation 6333173
M relation 6333260
MM relation 6333274
N relation 6333492
NN relation 6333493
O relation 6333494
P relation 6333499
Q relation 6333580
S relation 6333581
SS relation 6333582
T relation 6333662
TT relation 6333663
U relation 6333670
UU relation 6333672
V relation 6336289
VV relation 6336306
W relation 6336300
X relation 6336309
Y relation 6336336
YY relation 6336341
Z relation 6336342
Sauk B relation 4004720 Not finished past Plain, WI. Continues to Sauk County/Richland County line.
C relation 4004284
D relation 4004285
DD relation 4004998
E relation 4004995
I relation 4004287
O relation 4004719
PF relation 4004283
W relation 4004286
Sheboygan A relation 148317
CC relation 1345821
F relation 148313
I relation 1345820
V relation 148299
W relation 148315
Walworth O relation 116345
Washington C relation 5179569
D relation 5179657 Small part extends into Dodge County as relation 5179708
G relation 5179625
I relation 5179599
MY relation 5179835
NN relation 5179557 Continues into Ozaukee as relation 5179559
P relation 5179585
PV relation 5179634
W relation 5179723
WW relation 5179715
Z relation 5179568
Waupaca BH relation 4015876
D relation 4009480 Largely on the Outagamie-Waupaca county line.
H relation 3855546
I relation 4011443 Small part extends into Outagamie county.
W relation 3855488
Winnebago AP relation 1082752
BB relation 4012052 Lies on the Outagamie-Winnebago county line.
CB relation 4012038 Continues into Outagamie as relation 4012037