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Mainline State Train.svg

Freight and physical railway routes

Canadian National Railway (CN)

Route Relation Status
Neenah Subdivision relation 4871392 Complete.
Superior Subdivision relation 5810579 Complete.

Useful document for freight mainlines and ownership thereof (current to 2017): [1] Subdivision lists and specifications: [2]

Passenger train routes


Route Trains Relation Status
Empire Builder 7-8 relation 1809794 Complete.
Hiawatha Service 329-342 relation 1638760 Complete.


Route Relation Status
Union Pacific/North Line relation 932962 Complete.

Trams State Tram.svg

System Relation Status Notes
Kenosha Streetcar relation 1647145 Complete.
Milwaukee Streetcar Relation not defined yet Should be mapped. The streetcar line is now under construction, at least partially, so the line such as it has been approved should be mapped.

Abandoned routes and right-of-ways

There are numerous mapped abandoned lines, some of which overlap modern day rails-to-trails recreational trails, which nevertheless can be valuable for landmark or historical purposes. They are also useful to identify paths of trails and paths that exist but at a glance can be obscured by forest or other features.

Of particular use to map these is the USGS topographic maps annotated by James P. Kaysen. Many areas in Wisconsin, but particularly northern areas, has such a map, and they are available for inspection at the Wisconsin Historical Society website. This link takes you to 'Maps and Atlases in our Collection', with the search term 'Kaysen'. From that point, you can specify a certain USGS 1:24000 topo area you're interested in by name.

Route Relation Status
Fond du Lac - Marshfield relation 5654293 Complete where right-of-ways still exist.
Fond du Lac to Plymouth relation 5810505 Complete where right-of-ways still exist.
New London to Wittenberg relation 5654293 Complete from New London to Marion.
Portage Line relation 5793358 Partial.
Greenwood Line relation 5794063 Complete.