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Flag of United States Part of United States mapping project.
Flag of New York State
For the largest city of this state, see New York City
New York State, United States

latitude: 42.788, longitude: -75.776
Browse map of New York State 42°47′16.80″ N, 75°46′33.60″ W
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New York State is a state in the United States at latitude 42°47′16.80″ North, longitude 75°46′33.60″ West.



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The Great, Socially Distant, Bike Scavenger Hunt 2021-03-13 11am-2pm EST Conducted a scavenger hunt of the New York City Bike Parking. Organized with support from BetaNYC
Mapping Houses in the Town of Hempstead 2020-06-05 7pm-9pm EST Virtual Mapathon to map houses and garages in Hempstead, NY

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County Relation ID Status
Albany 1428091
Allegany 1837989
Bronx 2552450
Broome 1838014
Cattaraugus 78971
Cayuga 3379365
Chautauqua 1838089
Chemung 1837991
Chenango 1838015
Clinton 87689
Columbia 1427757
Cortland 1838016
Delaware 1838017
Dutchess 1427979
Erie 36074
Essex 87741
Franklin 87742
Fulton 1835282
Genesee 78970
Greene 1838018
Hamilton 87783
Herkimer 1835283
Jefferson 1835268
Kings 369518
Lewis 2552234
Livingston 1837992
Madison 1835284
Monroe 1804311
Montgomery 1838102
Nassau 2552442
New York 2552485
Niagara 36267
Oneida 1838104
Onondaga 1838019
Ontario 1837993
Orange 1835362
Orleans 68855
Oswego 1835253
Otsego 1838021
Putnam 1838022
Queens 369519
Rensselaer 1427734
Richmond 962876
Rockland 1835363
St. Lawrence 87775
Saratoga 1428790
Schenectady 1428121
Schoharie 1838138
Schuyler 1837994
Seneca 1837995
Steuben 1837996
Suffolk 404243
Sullivan 1838023
Tioga 1838024
Tompkins 1838025
Ulster 1838026
Warren 87979
Washington 1428041
Wayne 1838139
Westchester 1838027
Wyoming 1837997
Yates 1837998

Tagging ideas for New York (more coming soon!)


NOTE: Proposal: New York/Highway Classification is intended to replace this section with text that will harmonize better with the classifications used in neighboring states. At such time as consensus is reached on that page, its language will replace the following table.

Highway Types
Type Description Examples
highway=motorway Highways with controlled access. No traffic is allowed to cross the median and all entry/exit is through slip roads. highway=motorway applies to almost all Interstates, but a very small number of Interstates or segments of Interstates warrant a lower classification. I-84, NY 17, Palisades Interstate Parkway
highway=trunk High speed roads with incomplete control of access. The highest speed through-routes in an area (particularly in rural areas without any interstates), or roads which would qualify for highway=motorway except for occasional traffic lights or fronting uses. Saw Mill River Parkway (Westchester), Scajaquada Expressway (Buffalo), US 11 (North Country)
highway=primary The most important streets in an area for through traffic. Most US Routes qualify. US 9, NY 25, 2nd Avenue
highway=secondary Important streets in an area for local traffic. Most state routes qualify. NY 37 (North Country), Genessee Street (Buffalo), Park Avenue (NYC)
highway=tertiary Lower traffic volumes on wide streets, or higher traffic volumes on narrow ones.
highway=unclassified The least most important through roads in a country's system – i.e. minor roads of a lower classification than tertiary, but which serve a purpose other than access to properties. For instance, minor country roads, often linking villages and hamlets. (The word 'unclassified' is a historical artifact of the UK road system and does not mean that the classification is unknown; you can use highway=road for that).
highway=residential Roads which serve as an access to housing, without function of connecting settlements. Often lined with housing. Single traffic lane each direction, may also be oneway=yes. Usually 25 MPH or slower. May have traffic bumps and other "traffic calming" measures. Apartment complexes, neighborhood roads
highway=service For access roads to, or within an industrial park, camp site, business park, car park etc. Can be used in conjunction with service=* to indicate the type of usage and with access=* to indicate who can use it and in what circumstances.
Highway link Short connecting ways, like highway or round-a-bout entrances and exits and "New York turns".

If something has a state or federal highway number, it gets classified higher if there is a question.

State Highways

New York/State Route Relations is a page for tracking the progress of placing highways into relations within New York. See Relation:route and Interstate Highway Relations for more information.


See New_York/Railroads for a very early wiki seed.

Bike Routes

New York/Bike Routes is a page for tracking the progress of mapping Cycle_routes in New York State.

Bus Routes and Stops

OSM Friendly Data Sources



New York state has its own digital orthoimagery program (NYSDOP) since 2000. It has been included in both iD and JOSM as an available imagery background with name "NYSDOP Orthoimagery - Latest". NYSDOP is regularly refreshed with new captures, check program status page to determine the imagery capture date at:

Other layers

Other WMS layers can be found on the NYS GIS Clearinghouse


Cornell University Geospatial Information Repository (CUGIR) provides all kinds of geospatial data for the New York state including building footprints, crops inspection as well as hydrology network. It can be accessed at



Other GIS data

Status of TIGER in New York

All of the TIGER (US Census) data has been loaded, but needs lots of cleanup and merging with the previous data. Some areas have already been updated.

Since there are multiple governments involved in building/maintaining roads, and there doesn't seem to be usable correlation of what they call a road to the types used in OpenStreetMap, road types need to be done by judgment. The following guidelines are for urban areas, and are loosened for rural and tightened in dense urban to avoid making everything secondary or larger in an area.

Address Import

Addresses for the state were imported in 2021, see New York (state)/NYS GIS SAM Address Points Import.