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New York City, New York, United States

latitude: 40.7555, longitude: -73.9739
Browse map of New York City 40°45′19.80″ N, 73°58′26.04″ W
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New York City is a city in New York, United States at latitude 40°45′19.80″ North, longitude 73°58′26.04″ West.

Local user group
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OSM NYC Meetup
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The OSM NYC Meetup where the local community organizes events. 251 members as of mid 2015. Join us! The meet-ups are usually thematic focused "mapping parties". The group is for any mappers and OpenStreetMap users, developers and enthusiasts in the New York Metropolitan area.

Previous mapping parties

OSM Coverage

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The NYC map has looked great for a long time, but the community has been busy fixing things like one way streets (important for navigation applications) and now drilling down in the detail, adding points of interest: cafes, restaurants, etc. And you're welcome to help!

Buildings data

NYC Buildings Addresses import is pretty much complete. This dataset from the city, included building perimeter outlines, heights, and address point data. As of mid-2014 we are in final cleanup mode. Remaining tasks are captured on Github:

Taking this data as a start for 3D mapping of New York, several users have been refining roof-shapes and building parts data. As a manual data input process, hence some of the 3D details seen e.g. here on

3D data of New York City shown in OSG-Maps. This shows the basic extruded buildings with height data from the import, plus you can also see some refined skyscapers colors and roof shapes

landuse=residential cleanup

The landuse=residentialtag is applied in inconsistent ways (this is true outside of NYC as well). Note: this landuse tag is visible on the default style but not many popular basemap layers like Mapbox Streets. Here are some simple tasks if you'd like to improve the map:

Brandon is interested in this.

Other possible imports

Many interested parties are following the progress in NYC's open data movement and the datasets opening up at Some of these are Potential Datasources which could be investigated for import to OpenStreetMap.

Liz, Serge, Alex are some of the people interested in this.


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