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For the largest city of this state, see New York City
New York State, United States

latitude: 42.788, longitude: -75.776
Browse map of New York State 42°47′16.80″ N, 75°46′33.60″ W
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New York State is a state in the United States at latitude 42°47′16.80″ North, longitude 75°46′33.60″ West.

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All of the TIGER (US Census) data has been loaded, but needs lots of cleanup and merging with the previous data. Some areas have already been updated.

Since there are multiple governments involved in building/maintaining roads, and there doesn't seem to be usable correlation of what they call a road to the types used in OpenStreetMap, road types need to be done by judgment. The following guidelines are for urban areas, and are loosened for rural and tightened in dense urban to avoid making everything secondary or larger in an area.

Mailing List

There is a mailing list for discussing US-specific issues. It is a great place to find other US mappers.

Tagging ideas for New York

NOTE: These are only ideas copied from the California page. Please make adjustments here.

I have made adjustments to some of these as the California concepts didn't apply well to the realities of Upstate NY. Probably more tweaking is needed as NYC really is a different beast from the rest of the state. nfgusedautoparts


Access via on/off ramps with merge lanes, divided road of at least 2 lanes each direction. Called "Freeway". Speed limits generally 55MPH or higher.


"Not quite a motorway". Some grade level crossings (traffic light controlled or cross streets have stop signs), no direct access by driveways, all sent via side roads and frontage roads.


In NYC, Three lanes or more each traffic direction. 35 MPH or faster. Handles large volumes of traffic.

Otherwise, all US Highways. All State Routes with 2 lanes each way.


In cities, two lanes of traffic each direction. 35 MPH or faster. Medium-high traffic volumes.

In rural areas, all 2 lane State Routes, and some busy county routes.


In cities, roads which have traffic lights whenever they cross other major roads (tertiary and up), but are otherwise undistinguished.

Outside of cities, County Routes and roads comparable to County Routes (center lines, white lines to side).


Single traffic lane each direction. 35 MPH or slower.


Single traffic lane each direction, abbuters residential. Usually 30 MPH or slower. May have traffic bumps and other "traffic calming" measuers.

If something has a state or federal highway number, it gets classified higher if there is a question.

State Highways

New York/State Route Relations is a page for tracking the progress of placing highways into relations within New York. See Relation:route and Interstate Highway Relations for more information.


See New_York/Railroads for a very early wiki seed.

Bike Routes

New York/Bike Routes is a page for tracking the progress of mapping Cycle_routes in New York State.


%age complete
ZIP City Tracks Mapped Labeled Notes
Albany, New York
Buffalo, New York
New York, New York
Potsdam, New York
Rochester, New York
Syracuse, New York
Utica, New York

NYS Aerial Photography

New York State publishes a series of WMS services that provide aerial orthoimagery. The imagery is statewide, with parts of the state updated each year. It can be previewed at While imagery from every year is provided as a separate WMS service, the most useful service provide a mosaic of latest imagery.

WMS Services

To use this in JOSM, add a new WMS imagery provider, paste the url into the Enter service URL text box at the top.

Other WMS layers can be found on the NYS GIS Clearinghouse

Power Network

Users Working in New York

For a display of map editing users in New York, check out the oooc map

See Category:Users in New York for a list of wiki user pages for wiki users who have categorised themselves in New York (you can too)