New York City/Bike Lanes and Roads Cleanup

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With support from a number of city agencies--including DoITT, DOT, and DCP--the NYC OSM community is planning on cleaning up bike lane and road data in NYC. DCP will be releasing a new and fully updated data source in September 2014.

The plan is to create a series of Maproulette challenges that check for the following differences between NYC's latest data and OSM's:

  • bike lane geometries
  • bike lane attributes (eg name=* and oneway=*)
  • road geometries
  • road attributes

To do

This work is taking place on GitHub, please get in touch with us there if you are interested in helping out.

  • Research bike lane tags and conventions and consider how NYC's bike lanes will map onto these.
  • Create Maproulette challenges.
  • Outreach in order to complete Maproulette challenges.

Get involved / Meetings

See OSM NYC for details about past and future meetings and to indicate interest in helping out.


NYC has a robust bicycling community. We think that there are dedicated bicyclists who will be excited to contribute to OSM and improve bike routing in the city. Groups that might be worth reaching out to:


NYC's DOT classifies bike lanes as

  • Class 1. Separate from roads or have a barrier between the bike lane and road. DOT is moving toward calling these "paths."
  • Class 2. On the road but have dedicated space on the road and are painted to distinguish them from the rest of the road. DOT calls these "lanes."
  • Class 3. Shared with cars, but with paint on the road that makes it clear that sharing is intended. DOT calles these "routes."

OSM tags