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Mapping & Tools

  • I do light POI mapping in the places I usually am: Brooklyn, NYC and Taipei, Taiwan
  • I focus on fixing complex objects like multipolygons and coastlines when I encounter them.
  • I organized an import: San Francisco Building Height Import when I was living in the SF Bay Area.
  • Protomaps Extracts : download free, minutely-updated extracts on demand for areas to 100 million nodes.
  • OSM Express : a lightweight, spatial, minutely-updatable file format (.osmx) and command line utility that powers Protomaps Extracts. Works for the entire planet or any extract region.

My Commercial Work

  • CAD Mapper is commercial OSM-based service, transforming OSM and public domain geospatial data to 3D models for architectural visualization and 3D printing.
  • Protomaps is a company that offers open source tools and web services around OpenStreetMap, in development as of 2019.
  • Have worked as a consultant for Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team since 2017.
  • Technical consultant for the implementation and hosting of some of the most popular OSM-based basemap styles.