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Position Statement

I'm running for the OSM US board in the 2016 election. I'm a developer who has worked extensively with OSM since 2012. I currently focus on providing open data, including OSM, to architecture and planning firms. My work is closely intertwined with OSM, so I would like to devote my efforts to improving the map and the community.

I am interested in a few aspects of OSM that would benefit from coordination and leadership.

  • Imports. The US is an import-heavy part of OSM. There should be clearer messaging and documentation around the why and how of imports. For proposed imports, have shared sandbox infrastructure for prototyping. Improve the "Import guidelines" to communicate proposals to local mappers through channels such as the messaging feature.
  • Outreach to communities outside of mapping and GIS. I mostly work with urban planners and architects where awareness of OSM is very limited. The OSM foundation should identify ways to expand awareness of OSM into other fields.
  • The work done by the Cyberlaw Clinic last year is a great start - we should act upon the recommendations and have consolidated resources for those with questions about licensing.
  • Articulate benefits of chapter membership and what it pays for. Make it easier to donate and get involved.


Twitter: @bdon

Mapping: San Francisco, CA, United States and Taipei, Taiwan

I'm the creator of a commercial OSM service: CAD Mapper

Projects: San Francisco Building Height Import

Presentations: OpenStreetMap in Architecture and Planning at State of the Map US 2015