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Washington DC, United States

latitude: 38.8951, longitude: -77.0364
Browse map of Washington DC 38°53′42.36″ N, 77°02′11.04″ W
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Washington DC is a city in the United States at latitude 38°53′42.36″ North, longitude 77°02′11.04″ West.

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Through MappingDC, the local OpenStreetMap community, volunteers are running mapping parties, working with local governments to import data, and collaborating with local enthusiast groups to raise awareness and utilization of OpenStreetMap in and around the DC metro area.

Join us at a Mapping Party, join the mailing list or Facebook group, or come to one of our meetings to find out more.

Meet-ups and Mapping Parties

See MappingDC for all upcoming and past events.

Events are being regularly organized on the mappingdc mailing list. Please subscribe and plan an event!

Mapping parties are events where anyone can come along and join in improving the free world map of everything. We show you how to collect data (survey) and get the data in to OpenStreetMap. Once you put the data in to OpenStreetMap you or anybody around the world, can use the map in interesting and creative ways.

Bring your laptop to participate. You can also use phones or GPS units to collect data. It's fun. It's Free. You can help.


WMS imagery

USGS High Resolution Orthoimagery is available as a WMS service. The imagery is ~15 cm resolution, making it more detailed than the Yahoo! imagery in Potlatch. To use the USGS WMS imagery, you can use JOSM with the WMS plugin enabled. With the imagery, it's easy to add details including individual houses (not just draw rectangles, but possible to put more detail, if you wish).

For the District of Columbia:


For Montgomery County:



For Prince George's County:



For Alexandria:


For other parts of Northern Virginia:


For more WMS links:

If you know of other public domain or license-compatible imagery sources, please add them.

Local areas

Sign up to indicate which neighborhoods or areas you're interested in helping map. You can either map individually or get a group together to work in teams. Once there are about 4 or more people, then setup a time and day and meetup to map the neighborhood.


Note: We are importing GIS data from the DC government. You can help with that or fill in additional details like building names, shops, walking paths & trails, ...
Area Mapping Party Progress Completed? Interested
National Mall and parks
Columbia Heights Robert Soden
Dupont Circle
Georgetown --filbertkm (talk)


Area Mapping Party Progress Completed? Interested
Silver Spring Brian DeRocher, Katie Bechtold, Kate Chapman, Andrew Turner, --filbertkm (talk)


Area Mapping Party Progress Completed? Interested
Arlington (general?) Andrew Turner, --filbertkm (talk), Kate Chapman, Steven Johnson, crysb
Arlington Cemetery
  • 95% done
--filbertkm (talk)
Fort Myer --filbertkm (talk)
Arlington - South
Arlington - Pentagon City / Crystal City
Arlington - Rosslyn
  • Mapping party in Nov 2009
Fairfax County Josh Doe, crysb

Bike/Ped Trails

%age complete
Trail System State Tracks Mapped Labelled Traces Users
Rock Creek Park District of Columbia 50% 40% 40% Rock Creek James_Hiebert

Transit / metro

Note: WMATA will be putting out open data sets, beginning in August 2010 and eventually to include bus stops locations and route information. We are discussing with them the license requirements and terms of use that OpenStreetMap needs in order to be able to use their data.
Area Mapping Party Progress Completed? Interested
Washington Metro

Data Sets

The local municipalities all have high quality data. We are reaching out to them to get permission to use their data. Add municipalities, points of contact, and your username if you want to take the lead on contacting the GIS departments.

Municipality Contact Ok to Use Imported Responsible
DC @kachok Yes Stalled (see DC/GIS) Kate Chapman
DC @mappingdc Yes Planning (see DC_Buildings_&_Addresses_Import) Brian DeRocher
Arlington Andrew Turner
Silver Spring Serge, Tim White
Alexandria gishelp@alexandriava.gov yes, see municipality page Brian DeRocher

Other Objectives

Other projects to work on besides strictly getting data.

  • Education Outreach
    • OSM in local education
    • NOVA GIS Certificate
  • Development Projects
    • GeoChat
    • Customize Styling for Transit & DC Issues

Mapping objectives

Please use the DC talk page to suggest items to add to the map.

Quality controls