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Local user group
When: 2nd Tuesday of Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec; plus mapathons
Where: Washington Metropolitan Area (map)
Mailing list
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MappingDC (@mappingdc on Twitter) is a group organized around producing high quality Free (as in Freedom) maps of metropolitan Washington DC and surrounding areas.

We accomplish this mainly through Mapping Parties, Editathons, talks and community presentations.


The main method of communication for MappingDC is through the MappingDC mailing list.

In addition to the list, we use the OSM-US Slack, our Facebook group and the OpenStreetMap wiki to organize events. When an event is planned, the Washington, DC talk page is updated with the event, as well as a link to a page on the specific neighborhood(s) to be mapped at the event. We also have regular meetings at Capital City Brewing Company in downtown DC to talk about mapping and OSM.

MappingDC also has a website Please register and make use of it for your mapping events.

DC Neighborhoods

Washington, DC has over a hundred distinct neighborhoods. We use this natural division as a starting point for organizing events. Ideally an event should map one or several specific neighborhoods as completely as possible, and the event organizer should reach out to local community groups to assist in the mapping effort.

Several opportunities exist for mapping DC neighborhoods. The DC Great Streets page lists the eleven corridors that are part of the local Great Streets program, each offering opportunities for populating the map with local businesses, landmarks, and sites of interest.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Events should be listed directly on the Washington DC page. Specific neighborhoods should be labeled with the colon separator, such as Washington DC:Cleveland Park.


If you have mapped with us, please sign here:

DC Building and Address Import

MappingDC collaborated with DC OCTO to complete the DC building import.

Bus Routes and Bus Stops Import

Bus Routes and Bus Stops Import

Long Term Goals

Our central goal is to create the best map of the District and surrounding metropolis. This includes major features, of course, but also fine-grained features of use to pedestrians, cyclists, and casual users. This requires an ongoing effort to keep this information accurate over time. To that end mappers should assist local groups with education on not only data entry but maintenance. Community groups should be empowered to maintain the data themselves.

Sister Organizations

Of course MappingDC wouldn't exist without the OpenStreetMap project, but in addition there are other groups we collaborate or have a kinship with.

  • GeoDC - A loose affiliation of geo-nerds that gather once a month to share beers and geo-talk.
  • HacDC - DC's Hackerspace and MappingDC's meeting spot.
  • DC OCTO - Providing DC's rich data sets
  • DC Great Streets Program - A multi-year multi-agency commercial revialization initiative to transform emerging corridors across the District into thriving and inviting neighborhood centers.
  • MOMIES TLC - MOMIES = Mentors of Minorities in Education, a local DC educational institution dedicated to transformative learning.