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Indiana, United States

latitude: 40, longitude: -86.25
Browse map of Indiana 40°00′00.00″ N, 86°15′00.00″ W
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Indiana is a state in the United States at latitude 40°00′00.00″ North, longitude 86°15′00.00″ West.

OpenCycleMap in Indiana

Tagging suggestions for Indiana

Indiana Highway Relations

See the Indiana/Highway Relations page to track the progress of placing highways into relations within Indiana.

Route Relations

The following table is a summary of the tags to use for route relations.

Key Interstate Values US Highways Values State Highway Values Notes
type route route route
route road road road
network US:I US:US US:IN

Highway Classifications

See United States Road Classification‎ for more tagging information.

motorway trunk primary secondary tertiary unclassified residential service
Rendering-highway motorway neutral.png Rendering-highway trunk neutral.png Rendering-highway primary neutral.png Rendering-highway secondary neutral.png Rendering-highway tertiary neutral.png Rendering-highway unclassified.png Rendering-highway residential.png Rendering-highway service.png
Interstate Highways An Arterial Divided highway that is partially but not entirely grade separated. US Routes, State Roads in dense urban areas State Roads, Major Urban Streets County Routes. Minor roads Other minor roads Roads found in cemeteries, parking lots, alleyways, or other services.

Boundary relations

Relation Tags

See Relation:boundary for more information on tagging boundary relations.

Way Tags

Ways for borders should only have boundary=administrative and admin_level=* for the highest border (when a country, state, county are on the same way the admin_level would be 2)

border_type=* admin_level=* (1 to 10)
country 2
state 4
county 6
township 7
city 8
village 8


The following table is a summary of the tags to use for county boundary relations.

Key Value Notes
admin_level 6 required
border_type county required
boundary administrative required
type boundary required
gnis:feature_id see table below
gnis:county_id see table below
gnis:state_id 18 18 is for Indiana

See the Indiana Counties page to track the progress on boundary relations for Indiana counties.


Indiana Historical Bureau Markers

A list of historical markers in Indiana can be found at Use the following tags for the markers

Key Value Notes
historic memorial
ihb_id xx.xxxx.xx Indiana Historical Bureau ID
website link to the website describing the marker

National Register of Historic Places

To add places listed in the National Register of Historic Place use the following tags.

Key Value Notes
ref:nris National Register Information System ID number

Allen County

The Allen County GIS portal found at: has been confirmed offer it's data as public domain.

Per Allen County ordinance, GIS data is public domain data with no use restrictions. You can download Allen County streets at -- GIS Coordinator, Allen County GIS


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