Rhode Island

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Rhode Island, United States

latitude: 41.54, longitude: -71.5
Browse map of Rhode Island 41°32′24.00″ N, 71°30′00.00″ W
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Rhode Island is a state in the United States at latitude 41°32′24.00″ North, longitude 71°30′00.00″ West.

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Rhode Island is adjacent to the states Massachusetts and Connecticut in the United States.

State Border Relation: relation 392915

See also: list of boundary relations.


RI-4 and US-1 through South County

Routes 4 and 1 (RI-4 / US-1) provide a high-speed route between I-95 in West Warwick and the Westerly Bypass (RI-78). This routing is a separated, 4-lane highway for the entire route, with some portions using grade-separated interchanges and other portions using at-grade intersections. The question of whether portions of this routing should be tagged with highway=motorway or highway=trunk was discussed with the community[1][2]. The consensus is that multiple consecutive grade-separated interchanges are required in order to qualify as a highway=motorway. Based on these discussions, these roads are to be tagged as follows:

  • RI-4 is tagged highway=motorway between I-95 and its intersection with Oak Hill Road in North Kingstown.
  • US-1 is tagged highway=motorway for an approximately 2-mile section east and south of the village of Wakefield where the highway passes through a series of consecutive grade-separated interchanges.
  • The remainder of RI-4 and US-1 are tagged highway=trunk, including the section of US-1 that passes through a cloverleaf intersection with RI-138.
  • The entire route from the I-95/RI-4 intersection in West Warwick to the Westerly Bypass is tagged with expressway=yes.

State Routes

Rhode Island/State Route Relations is a page for tracking the progress of placing highways into relations within Rhode Island.

Mailing Lists

There is no specific Rhode Island mailing list, so please use the talk-us list to discuss tagging and other US-specific issues.

There is an OpenStreetMap US Facebook Group as well.

Data Sources

  • State of RI GIS
    • Terms: (Accessed on 10/25/2020): "Anyone can use open data from RIGIS at no cost. Download raw data and share your insights with your community or build new applications that serve specific users."

Local Resources