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Flag of United States Part of United States mapping project.
New Jersey, United States

latitude: 40.15, longitude: -74.7
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New Jersey is a state in the United States at latitude 40°09′00.00″ North, longitude 74°42′00.00″ West.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.


The TIGER import is finished, however there's still significant amount of cleanup left to be done. Review roads, realigning them and updating attributes as needed. Check the Tiger Fixup Map to see what areas remain unchecked.

Things to do


Junctions throughout the state need to be properly connected for routing purposes. Remove the "tiger_reviewed" tag once you've reviewed and resolved issues for ways within the state. See the following pages for more information.

Routes and Relations

Work is underway to create relations for the roadways, transit systems, bicycle paths and railroads (both freight and passenger) throughout the state. The /Railroads wiki has not yet begun, but it is in an early planning phase.

US Highways and Interstate Highways throughout New Jersey should also be added to their respective relations.



Note that, unless stated below, tags should not be applied simply based on the administrative level of the road.

  • Motorway Controlled access throughout; divided highway; no traffic lights or cross traffic, save for frontage roads. Should include all toll roads (except the Garden State Parkway from exits 9 to 11 until they are upgraded).
  • Trunk Generally controlled access (interchanges, flyovers, and jughandles), sometimes using traffic circles (e.g. NJ 38, NJ 70, NJ 23, NJ 208). Can be applied to a long two-lane route for at least 30 miles as long as it does not parallel a road built to higher standards (e.g. NJ 49, NJ 31, US 40, US 322, US 206). Freeway-grade portions may be designated as motorways if they meet all requirements.
  • Primary Well-traveled roads that run long distances through an urban area or between areas where a trunk road or motorway is not available. May parallel a motorway, but not a trunk road (e.g. US 9 south of Toms River, US 202 in Morris, Passaic, and Bergen Counties). Should include most 500-series county routes and select 600-series roads.
  • Secondary State, county, and municipal routes that serve as arterials or carry long distances, or form links between major roads.
  • Tertiary All other signed numbered roads and important municipal roads, but not any roads maintained by a homeowner's association, public institution, or business.
  • Residential All other complete public access roads.
  • Unclassified All public access road stubs and high-traffic roads maintained by a homeowner's association, public institution, or business.

Power Network

Data Sources

Potential Data Sources provides a list of many layers, some of which could be imported into OSM.

Data sources for the State of New Jersey can be searched via NJGIN. Check the metadata to determine whether or not a data source is licensed appropriately for use in OpenStreetMap.

New Jersey Aerial Photography

Comparison between Potlatch and JOSM using the 2007 NJ aerials WMS. Click on the image for full size.

The State of New Jersey has statewide aerial photography available through a Web Map Service. There are no restrictions on its use. As this data is more recent than aerial photography provided elsewhere and covers the entire state with little temporal variation, it is highly recommended that these aerial photographs be used when editing. The most recent data available are from Spring 2012 and Summer 2013.

WMS Services

To use these links, add a new WMS server, and paste the url into the WMS URL text box at the bottom, not the Service URL. With iD, you can use a service like WhooTS to translate the WMS to TMS.

WMS Instructions from