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Wyoming, United States

latitude: 43.02, longitude: -107.6
Browse map of Wyoming 43°01′12.00″ N, 107°36′00.00″ W
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Wyoming is a state in the United States at latitude 43°01′12.00″ North, longitude 107°36′00.00″ West.

For information specific to the State of Wyoming

To Do

Highway relations

Most highways in Wyoming still need relations applied to them.

There are a number of US Highways that go through Wyoming. According to the Wyoming Wikipedia article, the U.S. highways that pass through the state are U.S. Highways 14, 16, 18, 20, 26, 30, 85, 87, 89, 189, 191, 212, and 287.

There are also quite a few WY State highways. The Wikipedia article State highways in Wyoming lists many of them. This may or may not be a complete list.

Relations for Interstates are here.

Relations for US numbered highways may be found here.

Relations for Wyoming state highways should be listed here.

If a relation isn't in the applicable list for a given highway, please add it to the list, or create it and add it to the list if it doesn't exist. State and Federal highways should use a single relation for each highway. If highway physically splits into two ways and separates the two directions (such as an Interstate), the same relation should be used for both directions, with a role indicating north/south or east/west (see Wyoming's I-80 for an example.) A single way may have more than one relation if it is signed for more than one highway, that is, if two or more highways overlap for a distance.

The Interstates and US highways should use relations specific to Wyoming: don't use a relation used for the same Interstate/Highway in a different state. Once super relations are supported, the separate relations will be easily related together into a single entity, and it keeps the relations' sizes more manageable.


Note, that Google Maps and other sources incompatible with the OSM license are often used as sources for this type of info in Wikipedia, so this information should not be used directly without verifying Wikipedia's listed sources as compatible. The TIGER import data will have US or state highway names for the relevant ways, and they should (at least mostly) all be set as Primary or Secondary roads already based on that. Basically, feel free to use Google Maps to help find the highways, but don't tag anything based on data from Google. See OpenStreetMap License for more information.

WYDOT does have a public domain highway map in PDF format available here. Being public domain, all information in the map may be used in OSM without restriction, meager as it is. There is also a WYDOT Reference Marker Book (Novemeber 2004) here and a Route Marker Book here. Neither one includes any indication of how they may be used, but there is a copyright notice on the website that may cover those publications here. And if you are feeling really adventurous, they have a Bicycle Route Map here.

National Forest and State Park boundaries

(the following from Zytsef (talk))

While Medicine Bow, Bighorn, and Black Hills National Forests look mostly complete (at this time, Jan 2016) the private inholdings for Thunder Basin National Grassland are missing. Shoshone, Bridger-Teton, and Targhee NFs and their associated Wildernesses are completely missing. The Cloud Peak Wilderness within Bighorn NF might be missing as well. Most forests have shapefiles available on their websites (I have had the best luck with a web search as the URLs tend to change from time to time), but I haven't been able to find a central repository with individual forests in separate files. I'm working my way up to importing as much of this data as I can, but I'm new to this.

Something mysterious is wrong with Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. At certain zoom levels the main OSM map renders the name to the west of Green River or north east of Rock Springs instead of centered on where the area actually is (south of Green River). I haven't devoted the time needed to track down why this might be.

Most state parks are also missing. I haven't started to look for whether the state keeps the boundary data in a public place, but if I ever get the NFs imported to my satisfaction I will start on this task if no one beats me to it.

Once these are complete I will look into things like BLM Wilderness Study Areas, Game & Fish Wildlife Habitat Management Areas, and similar.


County Boundaries

Counties boundaries have been added to relations. See relation:boundary for more information about using relations for boundaries.

USGS data has been imported that includes county borders. Relations were added to these imported county borders.

The imported borders are not perfect. Along the Montana border, the imported county boundaries overlap into Montana, obviously not correct. Another (compatible) source is needed to verify which is correct, or someone needs to go there with a GPS unit and mark border signage.

All counties have had relations added. See the table below.

County Relation Tags

Wyoming county relations have have the following tags. They can be adjusted later if the need arises.

key value notes
key:type boundary
key:boundary administrative
key:admin_level 6 Per this page, 6 is a county in the US
key:name (county name) include the word "County". Example: Natrona County
key:is_in WY;WYO;Wyoming Some suggest also including US and United States, but that seems redundant to me. Some also consider key:is_in as deprecated, but nothing has replaced it.

Current County Relations

The actual relations, so if we do need to make any adjustments, or you want to zoom to a particular county, links are provided.

County County Seat License Plate # Relation Info County County Seat License Plate # Relation Info
Natrona Casper 1 relation 288534 Converse Douglas 13 relation 288640
Laramie Cheyenne 2 relation 289323 Niobrara Lusk 14 relation 289328
Sheridan Sheridan 3 relation 288660 Hot Springs Thermopolis 15 relation 288536
Sweetwater Green River 4 relation 288625 Johnson Buffalo 16 relation 288636
Albany Laramie 5 relation 289325 Campbell Gillette 17 relation 288642
Carbon Rawlins 6 relation 288626 Crook Sundance 18 relation 289338
Goshen Torrington 7 relation 289327 Uinta Evanston 19 relation 289347
Platte Wheatland 8 relation 289324 Washakie Worland 20 relation 288535
Big Horn Basin 9 relation 289343 Weston Newcastle 21 relation 289335
Fremont Lander 10 relation 288533 Teton Jackson 22 relation 289189
Park Cody 11 relation 288537 Sublette Pinedale 23 relation 289191
Lincoln Kemmerer 12 relation 289194

License plate numbers are listed because I found it interesting. Any valid OSM use for those? Vehicle registration is handled by the counties in Wyoming. They use a common state-wide plate design, with the county plate number as the first digit or two of the license number. Driver's Licenses are handled by WYDOT's Driver Services. Basically, there is no "DMV" one-stop-shop for all vehicle and driving related issues.


Town limit relations seem to be already done, perhaps as part of an import process or via script?

Intra-State Routing

WYDOT has a mileage chart available(Mileage Chart 2), with distances (in miles) between 38 Wyoming communities. If someone were feeling adventurous, one could use a routing service to use OSM data to find shortest routes, and compare it to the WYDOT chart. Any values that seem unreasonable could be investigated (or posted here to be investigated by someone else) to find the OSM errors (or WYDOT errors...?)


Main article: Wyoming/Railroads

Find it, flag it, fix it

As with anywhere else, if you Find something you think may be wrong, Flag it. If you know how to resolve a flagged item, Fix it. You can skip the 'Flag it' step if you can Fix it. This is what OpenStreetMap is all about.

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