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Mississippi, United States

latitude: 32, longitude: -89.7
Browse map of Mississippi 32°00′00.00″ N, 89°42′00.00″ W
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Mississippi is a state in the United States at latitude 32°00′00.00″ North, longitude 89°42′00.00″ West.

Connect with other Mississippi Mappers

OpenStreetMap Deep South - Community of Mappers from multiple Southern US States. Discord link can be found on its wiki page.

#local-mississippi on the OpenStreetMap US Slack

Mappers in Mississippi

Wiki Username OSM Username Main Mapping Area Contact Info
Eladner ELadner Coastal MS Counties, South Mississippi
MoiraPrime MoiraPrime South Mississippi Discord: moiraprime Email: MoiraPrime@pm.me
Jack the Ripper Jack the Ripper

Tagging suggestions for Mississippi

Road Types

An in depth article about Mississippi Highway classifications can be found at Mississippi/Mississippi Highways.

Route Relations

Main page: Mississippi/Highway Relations

Route Tagging

Marker way Way relation Relation
Reassurance Guide sign
Ellipse sign 347.svg ref=MS 347 network=US:MS
Ellipse sign 315 blue.svg ref=MS 315 Scenic network=US:MS:Scenic
County 66.svg ref=CR 66 network=US:MS:<county>[1]
  1. Identical shield used for all known counties that post route shields

County Roads

A few counties in Mississippi number roads using a "County Road XX" system. These should each have relations with network=US:MS:<County Name Here> ref=XX, replacing XX with the route number. Each way should have a ref=CR XX, replacing XX with the route number. It is also a good idea to keep the name of each route as "County Road XX".

Useful Data Sources

TIGER/Line Files - Landmarks - this seems to be the best GIS data source for many area boundaries such as parks and airports.

MDOT Traffic Volume Application - This webpage, hosted by the Mississippi Department of Transportation, is a good place to find traffic volumes for different roads when making decisions about road classifications.

Mississippi Automated Resource Information System (MARIS) - The only real statewide GIS portal for Mississippi. Contains a lot of useful datasets, but unfortunately none of their imagery can be used in OpenStreetMap due to a misconfiguration of their HTTPS.