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Mississippi, United States

latitude: 32, longitude: -89.7
Browse map of Mississippi 32°00′00.00″ N, 89°42′00.00″ W
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Mississippi is a state in the United States at latitude 32°00′00.00″ North, longitude 89°42′00.00″ West.

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Tagging suggestions for Mississippi

Road Types

highway=* Main Purpose Examples
minor/unclassified Minor roads that have few residences along them and their main use is not for through traffic Frontage Roads along major routes. Roads through very rural areas with few/no residences along them. Minor roads that provide access to commercial buildings.
residential Minor roads that mainly serve to provide access to homes.
tertiary Judgement call based on the importance of a road in an area. Important county roads used for through traffic in an area are usually considered tertiary at a minimum. Monroe Road (Jones County);

Indian Springs Road (Jones County);

secondary Judgement call based on the importance of a road in an area. Mississippi Highways are always considered secondary at a minimum. MS-590, MS-588, MS-29, MS-533, MS-404
primary Judgement call based on the importance of a road in an area. US highways are always considered primary at a minimum. US-11, MS-15, MS-13
trunk Major higher speed roads that are not interstate highway standard. They typically have 2 lanes minimum and each direction, have 65 mph speed limits on most sections, and may or may not be divided. US-84, US-98, US-45, MS-67
motorway Roads that meet the interstate highway standards. These roads typically have divided ways with a minimum of 2 lanes and a shoulder in each direction. They are also controlled access. I-59, I-20, I-55, I-22, US-82 in Starkville

Route relations

Some highways are moving from the old way-based tagging scheme to the new route relations. Each relation should have network and ref keys, as well as a symbol key with the URL to the SVG image found on the highway's Wikipedia article. If the entire route has the same name, the name key may also be specified on the relation.

State routes

Mark all member relations as network=US:MS.

Number Relation Status and notes
15 relation 1525576
25 relation 110980
53 relation 1527072

County Roads

A few counties in Mississippi number roads using a "County Road XX" system. These should each have relations with network=US:MS:<County Name Here> ref=XX, replacing XX with the route number. Each way should have a ref=CR XX, replacing XX with the route number. It is also a good idea to keep the name of each route as "County Road XX".

The following counties are known to use the County Road system:

County Network Status
Jasper US:MS:Jasper TIGER cleanup in progress by MoiraPrime, along with adding "CR XX" to each county road, and a relation for each as well. Main progress has been along County Road 8, County Road 19, and County Road 21.
Smith US:MS:Smith No organized cleanup started.

Public Lands


TIGER/Line Files - Landmarks - this seems to be the best GIS data source for many area boundaries such as parks and airports.