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30% of the United States is public lands, we should probably figure out how to tag them.

In the long term these should be tagged as boundary=protected_area, but because that tag isn't rendered yet the convention boundary=national_park + boundary:type=protected_area is used instead. A lot of public lands data has been imported, but some is low quality and tagging has been inconsistent. This page is an effort to standardize these schemes.

National Parks

Info on getting GIS data for park boundaries and recreation sites can be found here: US National Park Service Data

Tagging boundaries:

National Forests

All national forest service data is public domain but not all regions are available online, info on getting GIS data for forest boundaries and recreation sites can be found here: US Forest Service Data.

Tagging boundaries:

National Monuments

Tagging boundaries:

Check the specific monument for the operator, most are NPS or NFS.

Wilderness Areas

A project to import U.S. Wilderness areas from is going on here:

Tagging boundaries: