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Many national parks have GIS data available for download through the National Park Service Data Store or the NPS open data hub. While checking the license of available GIS data is always appropriate, US Government works are in the public domain. There are some files very relevant to OSM (trails and roads; recreation points listing campsites, docks etc) and some not so useful to the normal OSM reader (wildlife habitats).

National Parks


National Park Trails

See the Hiking page for general tags related to hiking trails.

Proposed specific tags:

  • route_owner = national_park, private_on_nps, private_noton_nps, county, state, city_town
  • route_no
  • trail_no

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Great Smoky Mountains National Park

  • Status: Park is reviewing upgrade of all GIS data, plan to bulk import upon public release --tpcolson 09 March 2013

Olympic National Park

See: Olympic National Park

Grand Teton National Park

  • Currently working on roads from this dataset. There is no way to tell the road designation that I can see, so I am uploading everything with highway=road and planning on manually fixing/combining with the (untouched) TIGER data. Alexrudd
Tagging scheme
Name name=<value> Just changed the tag case
Access access=<value> Closed(0), Admin.(1), or Private(2) -> access:private. Public (3) left alone
Surface surface=<value> Natural(0)->ground, Gravel(1)->gravel, Asphalt(2)->paved, Concrete->paved(3), Chip Seal(4)->chip_seal??
Route(1,2,3) relations Kept for now, use later to add to proper relations
Class tracktype=<value> Class type: Heavy Duty(0)->grade1, Medium Duty(1)->grade2, Light Duty(2)->grade3, Unimproved dirt(3)->grade4
OBJECTID nhs:teton=OBJECTID Sequential identifier within the shapefile
Horiz_Prec <deleted> Horizontal precision
Base_Statn <deleted> Differential Base Station Used
Max_PDOP <deleted> Maximum Positional Delusion of Precision
Map_Method <deleted> Method used by NPS to digitize data
RIP_Num <deleted> Roadway Inventory Program Number
ROS_Class <deleted> Recreational Opportunity Spectrum Class
Rcvr_type <deleted> Specific type of GPS receiver used to collect the data
Shape_Leng <deleted> Automatically generated length of way
Src_Date <deleted> Source date
Map_Source <deleted> Map source

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