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USFWS is a bureau of the federal government operated by the US Department of the Interior. USFWS Geospatial Services makes cadastral data available and other data including trails and roads.

While checking the license of available GIS data is always appropriate, US Government works are in the public domain. Refuges are accessible to the public for activities such as boating, hiking, hunting and fishing, so they are very relevant to OSM.

Wildlife Refuge


Some NWR's are closed to the public, if so you should indicate that with an access tag.

For comparison the only NWR that is tagged that I have found in Oregon (Tualatin River NWR) has these tags:


Fish hatcheries are identified in USFWS data and should probably be entered into OSM, too.

Hiking Trails

See the Hiking page for general tags related to hiking trails.

Proposed specific tags:

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