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The boundary of a national park, an area of natural beauty, set aside for conservation and for recreation Edit or translate this description.
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A [W] national park is a relatively large area of land declared by a government (just as boundary=administrative are declared/recognized by governments), to be set aside for human recreation and enjoyment, as well as the protection of the natural environment and/or cultural heritage of an area. This would normally also come with restrictions on human activity, particularly development, for the protection of wildlife and scenery. National parks are often named "X national park" (with translation).

In some countries this tag is used for similar protected areas with different titles. For example, in the USA the National Park Service runs "National Parks","National Heritage Areas" and "National Monuments" - but all are often tagged with boundary=national_park, and some State Parks are tagged with boundary=national_park.


The minimum requirements are exemplary for the Snowdonia National Park

[... other useful tags for protected areas in general, see boundary=protected_area ...]

Similar tags

  • leisure=nature_reserve - Like a national park, a nature reserve is about protecting wildlife etc. The distinction is unclear and is under discussion, but some suggestions are: nature reserves are smaller areas than national parks, National parks are rather like administrative boundaries around large areas (and may in fact include cities) whereas nature reserves are more evident on-the-ground.
  • boundary=protected_area - A more recently introduced tag with a more verbose tagging scheme which can deal with all kind of protections and protection levels. It encompasses both nature reserves and national parks.
  • leisure=park - These are smaller than a national park, evident on-the-ground (rather than a government declared boundary), and often landscaped. Usually within a town or city, and perhaps less likely to have interesting protected wildlife.

See Also

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