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Fort Donelson river battery (1).jpg
The site of a battle or military skirmish in the past. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: Historic
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The site of a battle or military skirmish in the past. This could be on land or at sea.

Note that OSM is not a place where events may be mapped, though historic=battlefield may be used to provide context for existing features.

How to map

Place a node node roughly in the middle of where the battlefield was, or draw a area area to indicate its perimeter (which would normally be fairly approximate, but might be the boundaries of a field for example)

Remember to add other tags that indicate what kind of object is present there (for example historic=monument or tourism=information + information=board).

Tags to use in combination

Similar tags and proposals

  • historic=event - proposed (and rejected) tag for location of a historic event
  • boundary=protected_area - some historic battlefields are located in a protected area to preserve historic details.

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