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Public-images-osm logo.svg leisure = marina
A facility for mooring leisure yachts and motor boats. Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Leisure
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leisure=marina is used to identify an area of land and probably also water used for the mooring and servicing of pleasure boats and yachts, often after paying a fee or by some other arrangement with the owner. A larger facility suitable for ships, trawlers or sea-going vessels should be tagged using harbour=* rather than marina.

How to map

Use the leisure=marina tag on a node node placed centrally in the marina or (more normally) on an area area, to tag the extent of facilities associated with a marina. The area should encompass any land-based services including amenity=toilets, showers, restaurants, fuel stations, chandlers and also any area of water that is private property associated with the marina. This may include that part of a river or part of a lake in the immediate vicinity of jetties. The extent of the marina should not include water available to general boat traffic.

Use name=* for the name of the marina and capacity=* for the number of boats that can be stored. Also website=* for a link to the website for the marina.

Add mooring=yes or mooring=* to any sections of water's edge where boats can be moored and man_made=pier for any structures over or into the water. Use amenity=boat_storage for areas where boats are stored and waterway=boatyard for places where boats are constructed or repaired. Add amenity=boat_rental, amenity=boat_sharing, waterway=fuel and waterway=sanitary_dump_station for marine focused services. Tag leisure=slipway, man_made=crane etc. to indicate marina-related infrastructure elements.


Photo Tags Mapnik
Immenstaad Jachthafen.jpg leisure=marina

Things to avoid

Caution. This tag was in the past used to tag only the water where the boats were moored. There is still some disagreement and confusion but Mapnik marks a marina using a dotted blue line which is not filled in unless suitable tagging. The water area can be tagged with natural=water.