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Kudos to the wikipedia.org page which does a much better job of text descriptions, yet doesn't link to relevant data relations in OSM (via BrowseRelation wiki entries), as many OSM wiki readers have become familiar with. You might choose the text-oriented wikipedia.org page now and that'd be good, however, if you need the OSM data we are building links into tables and that will take some time and effort into the future. An Overpass Turbo link might prove useful, try this for passenger train routes. So, see List of Florida railroads if text descriptions are "good enough for now." We could use something like that for OSM specific data, even if it is simply links in wikipedia.org pages like the one ref'd above.

Like highways, railroad tracks have been imported from TIGER data and they share the same problems like unconnected segments, wrong tagging, missing bridges and railroad crossings and positions that are frequently off quite a lot. So a review is necessary as it is for highways.

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This is an early stub of Florida/Railroads. Please bear with OSM as it completes. Passenger rail documents up to the present: what needs doing here is to fully grow these relations to v2, as well as finish the tourism/excursion/museum/amusement park passenger rail in their own section(s). The main focus now should be on mainline, branch and freight/industrial rail of the Class I and Class II railways in Florida. There is a significant amount of work required to improve these TIGER rail data already entered while documenting their route=railway relations (even if it means we need to create them) in this wiki as we improve them. The Class III railways can follow after Class I and Class II are complete (at least fully documented in this wiki, not necessarily fully TIGER reviewed).

Editing Railroads starting from TIGER data

Please read WikiProject_United_States_railways#Editing_Railroads_starting_from_TIGER_data. After/during TIGER Review, the segments of a railway line with identical or very similar tagging (especially name=* and usage=*) should be collected into a route=railway relation.

Active lines

Lines that see regular, active rail traffic for freight, industrial, military, etc. Active passenger rail (including commuter, tourism, museum, etc.) have separate sections below. If the railways are active non-passenger rail, they go here. If the railways are not active, they are placed into the Disused or Abandoned sections below. Very much under construction; now only a skeleton of the structure and eventually full tables of relations we aspire to complete as we document our progress improving Florida's railway=rail elements into route=railway relations and completing TIGER Review.

CSX Transportation (CSX)

A Class I (major) railway.


Subdivision Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Jacksonville Terminal Subdivision (A Line) CSX relation 8495780 Jacksonville Needs TIGER Review
P&A Subdivision CSX relation 2198508 Pensacola - Milton - Crestview - DeFuniak Springs - Bonifay - Marianna - Grand Ridge - Chattahoochee Needs TIGER Review
PD Subdivision CSX relation 2198509 Flomaton, Georgia at the Florida line - Century - spurs to serve industrial zones at International Paper and Satsuma Heights - Brent, near Pensacola Needs TIGER Review Has a FIXME tag of "verify south end."


Subdivision Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Clearwater Subdivision CSX relation 2682465 Saint Petersburg - Clearwater - Tampa Needs TIGER Review


Florida East Coast Railway (FEC)

A Class II railway wholly inside of the state of Florida. In 2005 FEC owned and operated 351 miles (565 km) of mainline track between Jacksonville and Miami, 277 miles (446 km) of branch, switching, and other secondary track and 158 miles (254 km) of yard track.


Subdivision Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Florida East Coast Railway FEC relation 7405045 Jacksonville - Saint Augustine - Daytona Beach - Cocoa - Stuart - Palm Beach - Boca Raton - Pompano Beach - Fort Lauderdale - Miami Needs TIGER Review


Subdivision Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Port Branch FEC relation 8764282 Miami - Port of Miami (Cruise Terminals) Done Passenger, freight or both on this line?

Norfolk Southern Railway (NS) via its subsidiary Georgia Southern and Florida Railway (GSF)


Considered a Class I (major) railway because of the "railroad holding company" relationship of Norfork Southern (NS).

Subdivision Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Valdosta District CSX relation 2195279 Jacksonville - Georgia line - Valdosta, Georgia Needs TIGER Review


Subdivision Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Navair District GSF relation 2195275 Navair - Lake City - Valdosta, Georgia Partially TIGER Reviewed Has a FIXME tag of "verify south end."


Short Line Rail

Common freight carriers in Florida (without their own wiki sections already established above or below) include AN Railway (AN), Bay Line Railroad (BAYL), First Coast Railroad (FCRD), Florida Central Railroad (FCEN), Florida Midland Railroad (FMID), Florida Northern Railroad (FNOR), Georgia and Florida Railway (GFRR), Jacksonville Port Terminal Railroad (JXPT), Seminole Gulf Railway (SGLR) and South Central Florida Express, Inc. (SCXF). All are Class III (often called "Short Line") railroads. It makes sense to break these into two sub-sections here, Branch and Industrial, however, such characterization of each these railways is unknown until their data from TIGER are investigated (and other sources are consulted).


Subdivision or Railway Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Alabama and Gulf Coast Railway AGR relation 7450049 Pensacola - industrial zone of International Paper - McKinnon Airpark - Mikes Ag Air Airport - Georgia Line - Demopolis, Georgia - Columbus, Mississippi About 40% TIGER Reviewed Tagged usage=branch but it isn't known what kind of traffic


Private freight carriers

Private freight carriers receive a waiver from the Surface Transportation Board (STB) so they are not considered "common carriers." These include CF Industries (CFIZ), Conrad Yelvington Distributors, Inc. (CNYX), The Mosaic Company (IMCX), Orlando Utilities Commission (OUCX), Perdue Farms (PFMX), Port Manatee Railroad (MAUP), Port of Palm Beach District (PPBD) and Port of Panama City (PPC).

Private carriers (not known how these differ from the above, if at all) receive a waiver from the Surface Transportation Board (STB) so they are not considered "common carriers." These include Clay Springs and Apopka Railroad, Ellaville, West Lake and Jennings Railroad, Florida and Georgia Railway, Peace River Phosphate Company, Pensacola and Andalusia Railroad, Starke and New River Railroad, Union Cypress Company and Winston Lumber Company.

Passenger trains

Tracks and stations used for passenger train routes are correctly collected into route=train relations, or route=subway, route=light_rail, route=tram or route=monorail when those are the underlying infrastructure.

Amtrak (passenger=national) trains serving Florida (AMTK)

Amtrak operates most passenger=regional (medium-distance: often interstate, sometimes intrastate) trains, one highspeed=yes train, and all passenger=national (long distance, interstate, most are overnight) and passenger=international trains in the USA. All Amtrak trains in Florida are believed in this table. Please correct and/or update any errors.

Route Trains Service Relation Status
Auto Train® 52, 53 car relation 3517701 Complete; public_transport v1. 855 miles (1,376 km). Tagged both passenger=national and service=car. Non-stop (automobiles and motorcycles are also transported) between Lorton, Virginia and Sanford, Florida.
Silver Meteor® 97, 98 national relation 1590286 Complete; public_transport v1. 1389 miles (2235 km). Part of "Silver Service®." Cities in Florida served: Miami, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, Sebring, Winter Haven, Kissimmee, Orlando, Winter Park, DeLand, Palatka.
Silver Star® 91, 92 national relation 1897938 Complete; public_transport v1. 1522 miles (2449 km). Part of "Silver Service®." Cities in Florida served: Miami, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, Sebring, Okeechobee, Winter Haven, Lakeland, Tampa, Kissimmee, Orlando, Winter Park, DeLand, Palatka, Jacksonville.

Virgin Trains USA (Florida East Coast Railway) intercity (passenger=regional) trains (FECI)

Formerly called BrightLine, Virgin Trains USA is (non-Amtrak) passenger=regional rail serving Miami - Fort Lauderdale - West Palm Beach which endeavors to be "higher-speed" in the near future. Developed and operated by All Aboard Florida, a wholly owned subsidiary of Florida East Coast Industries, Virgin Trains USA is the only privately owned and operated intercity passenger railroad in the USA. Track is now Class 4, maxspeed=79 mph (127 km/h), upgrades to Class 5 (90 mph (145 km/h)) or Class 6 (110 mph (177 km/h)) are planned. A Class 6 Orlando extension is expected in 2021 for a 390 km total length. More extensions are planned: a Class 7 (125 mph (201 km/h)) extension between West Palm Beach and Cocoa and "it is understood and agreed" to extend to Jacksonville.

Service Line Route Trains Relation Status
Virgin Trains USA Train Train # relation 8266054 v1 now.

Commuter (passenger=suburban) trains

SunRail (Florida Department of Transportation) commuter trains (FDOT)

State-owned, SunRail has 17 stops over 75 km of passenger=suburban rail along CSX's former "A" Line, serving greater Orlando between Poinciana and DeBary. The agreement FDOT has with CSX allows CSX to run a limited number of freight trains along the line at night, although the majority of the freight traffic has been rerouted west to CSX's "S" Line.

Service Line Route Trains Relation Status
SunRail Train Northbound: P302 to P340; Southbound: P301 to P339 relation 4036937 v1 now. Needs platforms added.

Tri-Rail (South Florida Regional Transportation Authority) commuter trains (TRCX)

Tri-Rail is passenger=suburban rail from Mangonia Park to Miami Airport, 17 stops total, 114 km (70.9 miles).

Service Line Route Trains Relation Status
Tri-Rail Train Train # relation 1897939 v1 now.

Metrorail (Miami-Dade Transit) subway (passenger=urban) trains (MDT)

Metrorail has two railway=subway lines serving Miami-Dade County as passenger=urban trains.

Service Line Route Subway Relation Status
Green Line Subway Subway # relation 7924527 Claims to be v2, but isn't fully. Needs named public_transport=stop_position tag added to track nodes as well as platforms added to both child relations.
Orange Line Subway Subway # relation 7924528 Claims to be v2, but isn't fully. Needs named public_transport=stop_position tag added to track nodes as well as platforms added to both child relations.

Tram/Monorail (passenger=local) trains

Hillsborough Area Regional Transit trams (HART)

Suburban Tampa/Ybor City, Florida has a passenger=local railway=tram line, the "TECO Line Streetcar System." Is HART simply an acronym, reporting marks, or both?

Service Line Route Trams Relation Status
TECO Line Streetcar System Tram Tram # relation 4789201 v1 now.

Jacksonville and JTA Skyway railway=monorail lines (JTA)

Two lines operating cost-free to passengers in Jacksonville.

Service Line Route Monorails Relation Status
JTA Skyway Monorail Tram # relation 8764537 v1 now.
Jacksonville Skyway Monorail Tram # relation 8764536 v1 now.

Metromover (Miami-Dade Transit) railway=monorail lines (MDT)

The free-of-charge Metromover offers three railway=monorail lines serving Miami-Dade County as passenger=urban trains.

Service Line Route Monorail Relation Status
Brickell Loop Monorail 903 relation 7924527 v1 now.
Downtown Loop Monorail 909 relation 1589482 v1 now.
Omni Loop Monorail 908 relation 1589483 v1 now.

Add rail at Metrozoo to this section?

Historic, heritage, museum, excursion, tourism (passenger=local) trains

Under construction. Passenger rail in Florida yet to be documented with relation links in tables here includes: Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum (FGCX), Seminole Gulf Railway (SGLR), which is part short-line freight and part passenger excursion rail, Serengeti Railway (Busch Gardens Tampa), Walt Disney World Monorail and Walt Disney World Railroad.

It is often the case that statewide rail wiki break into two tables wiki-documenting such rail: one table for the route=railway relations (usually each railway=rail element is also tagged usage=tourism), another table for the route=train (or monorail, etc.) relations describing passenger service (stations, headways...). Additionally, amusement park rail (Florida has a substantial amount) are often sub-categorized in this section and it seems to be emerging to tag these with tourism=theme_park. California/Railroads has an early/prototypical example which may be helpful.

Military Rail

There is a bit of "US Government Railroad" in Florida, though it is disused / abandoned (or isn't in OSM in the first place). Try this OT query, which currently returns very limited results of rail tagged usage=military in Florida: in Fort Pickens Park, south of Pensacola.

Disused lines

Lines that don't have regular traffic but with all infrastructure in place. Tracks are tagged railway=disused. Here is a Florida-specific Overpass Turbo query which might be helpful.

Subdivision Operator Relation Route Notes
Empty ? Relation not defined yet

Abandoned lines

Former railroad lines, whether still visible on the ground or not. A formal abandonment process with FRA has completed. Ways are tagged railway=abandoned or sometimes railway=razed if they have become completely built over in urban areas or are now, for example, farmland which has reverted to a more natural state with no evidence of tracks having been there. These should be historically determined or able to be so, but sometimes this is difficult because of lost history.

Name old_railway_operator=* Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Florida East Coast Railway (abandoned) FEC relation 2281058 Miami - Homestead - Key West Unknown See the (barely updated since 2011) wiki at Florida_East_Coast_Railway.


A railtrail uses a former railroad right-of-way for example bike or hiking paths, preserving the ROW for possible future re-use as a railway while providing a useful service in the meantime.

Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Empty Placeholder Unknown


It would be very kind for more OSM volunteers to build a statewide "Yards" table (stub) with status on every single Florida rail yard. It is yet to be entered/incomplete as there are dozens of rail yards in Florida. Here is an OT query to help get started.