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Public-images-osm logo.svg passenger = urban
Used to mark a railway route with the type of passenger traffic as urban. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: railways
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railway=* or route=*

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Status: proposed

Urban railway

  • City center services mainly underground.
  • In North America, this tag is sometimes used for urban railway=light_rail and sometimes railway=tram systems, serving a single metropolitan area (not linking larger, multiple county areas like passenger=suburban services). While some railway=light_rail systems do have underground segments, many are above ground in a dedicated right-of-way, though sometimes in denser urban areas they are street-running trams. Examples: San Diego Trolley, San Francisco Muni Metro, Calgary CTrain, Mexico City Xochimilco Light Rail and Newark Light Rail.

Requires railway=* on a way or route=* on a relation. If route=* on a North America relation, passenger=urban may be a route=bus, but only if characterized as "Rapid Transit" (similar to a rail service: high-speed/high-capacity, dedicated lanes, limited stops, linking regional transit centers...); for example Los Angeles Metro's Orange and Silver Lines.

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