Florida East Coast Railway

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The Florida East Coast Railway was and still is a railroad in the east part of Florida. Lines operated by it should be tagged operator=FEC; lines formerly operated by it or a subsidiary should be tagged old_railway_operator=FEC in addition to railway=rail (if still in use) or railway=abandoned.

See Wikipedia:WikiProject Trains/ICC valuations/Florida East Coast Railway for a chronology (which may have some errors) of lines constructed by the FEC and predecessors, compiled by the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1916.

Below is a list (roughly complete) of current and former FEC lines, with mapping status.

From To Status Notes
Jacksonville Key West complete still in use from Jacksonville to Miami
South Jacksonville Mayport complete
Moultrie Junction Bunnell complete via East Palatka; still in use near the north end
Tocoi Junction Tocoi complete
East Palatka Rollestown abandoned very early
East Palatka Palatka complete
San Mateo Junction San Mateo complete
Ormond Station Ormond Beach complete
New Smyrna Blue Spring complete
New Smyrna Marcy complete via Okeechobee
Titusville Enterprise complete
Fort Pierce Lake Harbor complete still in use (mostly by South Central Florida Express)
West Palm Beach Palm Beach complete
Lemon City Larkin complete mostly still in use

w:Virgin Trains USA is "an express intercity higher-speed rail system in Florida". Built upon FEC railway infrastructure, it is an important part of longer-term higher-speed strategy in Florida's growing rail networks, especially intercity regional higher-speed rail.