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Import proposal to replace and update the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) with a modern boundary obtained from the South Florida Water Management District.


Prolific (and blocked) mapper NE2u w added the boundaries of the EAA to OpenStreetMap in 2012[1]. The source for these edits are not given and the data is neither precise nor accurate. The original multipolygon is strung together with a handful of levees, canals and highways, as well as approximately six otherwise untagged ways. There are three key issues with the current data:


  1. The entire relation has the landuse=farmland tag, which is quite imprecise. Only the farms within the EAA themselves should be tagged as farmland. There are whole towns and airports within the area currently tagged as farmland.
  2. The data does not reflect the actual boundary of the EAA on the north or south edges, leaving out certain protected areas entirely.
  3. The data does not include the C139 Basin or its Annex.


It is proposed that open data be obtained from the South Florida Water Management District and be transformed to OSM tagging. This data would be integrated into the map using the JOSM editor.

Data for review

There would be two changesets for this import.

  1. The NE2 data would be removed, and untagged ways used in that relation would be deleted. Here is a OSM file for review with these edits.
  2. The SFWMD data would be imported, tagged with the boundary=protected_area schema. Here is an OSM file for review with the imported data.


Tag Value (typ.)
boundary protected_area
leisure nature_reserve
name Everglades Agricultural Area
operator South Florida Water Management District
protect_class 11
protection_title Agricultural Area
start_date 1948
wikipedia en:Draining and development of the Everglades


According to its metadata, the data only has a disclaimer. The South Florida Water Management District typically releases data with such a disclaimer and asks for attribution. Thus, a proper source for the the data will be added to the changeset comments.