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Kudos to the wikipedia.org page List of Utah railroads which does a fine job of text descriptions, yet doesn't link to relevant OSM data relations via BrowseRelation entries, as many OSM wiki readers have gotten used to. You might choose that text-oriented page now and if that's "good enough," fine. However, if you need OSM data now being improved and built as table links here, some of that is done and some of that is yet to complete. (From OSM's 2007 TIGER rail data import, both rail data and relations in OSM are being improved and are now being better documented in this wiki). An Overpass Turbo link might be useful, try this for passenger train routes. OSM sometimes does link to wikipedia.org pages like that one, if OSM (and/or this wiki) has less data than wikipedia.org text descriptions.

Due to recent wiki and associated software upgrades, the map details are not-quite-correct: please select "Transport Map" from the upper-right "layers stack" icon to see the railway routes as part of the USA's national-scale rail infrastructure. This is a "live" slippy map; it can be panned and zoomed.


This is an alpha version of Utah/Railroads.

Editing Railroads starting from TIGER data

Like highways, railroad tracks have been imported from TIGER data and they share the same problems like unconnected segments, wrong tagging, missing bridges and railroad crossings and positions that are frequently off quite a lot. So a review is necessary as it is for highways. Please read WikiProject_United_States_railways#Editing_Railroads_starting_from_TIGER_data. The segments of a railway line with similar tagging (especially name=* and usage=*) should be collected into a route=railway relation.

Active lines

Lines that see regular rail traffic whether freight, passenger, industrial, military, private, tourism, whatever. If they are active, they go here. If they are not, they are placed into the Disused or Abandoned sections below.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF)

BNSF owns no rail in Utah per se but does enjoy trackage rights on UP's Green River, parts of Provo and Shafter Subdivisions (all characterized in OSM as "mainline" rail with usage=main). Correct denotation is often owner=UP + operator=BNSF or operator=UP;BNSF. These trackage rights extents may not be exactly correct; corrections/updates are appreciated.

Union Pacific Railroad (UP)

A Class I major railroad in the USA, and the dominant freight rail owner in Utah. These tables are under construction and remain incomplete though do allow a rough version of Utah's rail network to be be visualized (for example, using OpenRailwayMap or ORM). OSM is improving rail in Utah!


Subdivision Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Caliente Subdivision UP relation 7415677 Milford - Lund - Zane - Modena - Nevada line - Caliente, Nevada - Moapa, Nevada - Las Vegas, Nevada Done
Evanston Subdivision UP relation 7429637 Ogden - Morgan - Echo Dam - Wyoming line - Evanston, Wyoming - Green River, Wyoming Partially TIGER reviewed Has some confused naming conventions between tracks "Main 1" and "Main 2"
Green River Subdivision UP relation 1419636 Helper - Price - Wellington - Green River - Colorado line - Grand Junction, Colorado Appears to be fully TIGER reviewed
Lakeside Subdivision UP relation 8726290 Lucin (Box Elder County) - Nevada Line - Montello, Nevada, - Wells, Nevada (Shafter Subdivision) Partially TIGER reviewed
Lucin Cutoff UP relation 8725733 Ogden - Great Salt Lake - Lucin (Box Elder County) Partially TIGER reviewed
Lynndyl Subdivision UP relation 7525048 Salt Lake City (near north Temple Bridge) Garfield Jct. - Tooele - Milford Partially TIGER reviewed
Ogden Subdivision UP relation 5407633 Ogden - Brigham City - Cache Jct. (near Newton) - Idaho line - McCammon, Idaho Appears to be fully TIGER reviewed
Provo Subdivision UP relation 1518319 Salt Lake City - Provo - Helper Appears to be fully TIGER reviewed BNSF and UTAH both have trackage rights; is seems this needs some untangling with FrontRunner in naming, owner/operator and trackage included in both relations
Salt Lake Subdivision UP relation 8727345 Ogden - Clearfield - Farmington - Salt Lake City (near north Temple Bridge, then to Lynndyl Subdivision) About halfway TIGER reviewed Parallel in many places, but different from tracks which support FrontRunner passenger=suburban route=trains
Shafter Subdivision UP relation 4766672 Salt Lake City - Lago - Delle - Wendover/Nevada line - Shafter, Nevada - Wells, Nevada - Elko, Nevada Appears to be fully TIGER reviewed


Under construction, benefits from further completion. More work which remains to do: corrections, spurs and historical (disused, abandoned, razed) details regarding the areas of Cache Valley, Comstock and Pleasant Valley Branches/Spurs, in addition to similar work across the state (maybe UP-owned/operated, maybe not). If active, it is not known which are Branch or Industrial. If inactive, not much is currently known/entered in OSM beyond what was imported from TIGER and improvements made since then.

Subdivision Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Cane Creek Branch UP relation 1518320 Green River Subdivision near Crescent Flat - near Moab - Potash Partially TIGER Reviewed
Cedar City Branch UP relation 8713521 Cedar City - Lund Done
Malad Branch UP relation 8716054 Corinne - Tremonton - Idaho line - Malad, Idaho Partially TIGER Reviewed
Sharp Subdivision UP relation 8717239 Springville - Spanish Fork - Payson - Nephi - Lynndyl Appears completed Needs work untangling where it branches off of Lynndyl
Sunnyside Subdivision UP relation 1518318 Green River Subdivision - Sunnyside Done


Under construction. There are likely a great many minor spurs yet to enter here.

Subdivision Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Comstock Subdivision UP relation 8726484 West of Cedar City, off of UP's Cedar City Branch No TIGER tags Believed to be UP-owned. Name comes from US DOT bts.gov-derived data.
Delta Intermountain Power Spur UP The single way is entered North of Delta, off of UP's Lynndyl Subdivision No TIGER tags Not sure if this is UP-owned/operated or private rail (via STB waiver). Name is a guess.
US Magnesium UP relation 8725611 Delle Siding on UP's Shafter Subdivision, 11.5 miles north to USM's industrial zone at SW edge of Great Salt Lake No TIGER tags Not sure if this is UP-owned/operated or private rail (via STB waiver, US Magnesium, however). Name is a guess.

Short Lines (Branch, Industrial or Freight, Private)

Under construction/incomplete. Updates/corrections are welcome.

Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (GNWR)

Genesee & Wyoming Inc. is a "railroad holding company" which owns Utah Railway, which in turn owns Salt Lake City Southern Railroad as a subsidiary.

Utah Railway (UTAH)

Owned by Genesee & Wyoming Inc. With trackage rights, UTAH spans 378 miles (608 km) from Ogden, Utah, to Grand Junction, Colorado. It interchanges with BNSF and Union Pacific at both of those cities, hauling coal, aggregates, brick and cement, building materials, chemicals and petroleum products. A fuller extent of trackage rights is being investigated.

Name and/or Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Utah Railway's Mohrland Branch relation 8713976 Helper (Martin) - Mohrland Partially TIGER reviewed This branch (as entered) is 41.4 km long

Salt Lake City Southern Railroad (SL)

Owned by Genesee & Wyoming Inc. A 25-mile (40 km) short-line railroad operates between Salt Lake City and Murray. However, US DOT bts.gov data indicate these are owned by Utah Transit Authority for TRAX Red and Blue light_rail between these cities, with SL only having trackage rights, so it isn't clear how SL (and in turn, GNWR) enters the picture (nighttime freight runs?) A more clear extent of trackage rights is being investigated, though if you have knowledge, please share it here and/or in the map with proper owner=* and operator=* tags.

Name and/or Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
TRAX Blue and Red Light Rail Lines Relation not defined yet Salt Lake City - Murray Partially TIGER reviewed Just getting started untangling all of this

(End of Genesee & Wyoming section).

Deseret Power Railroad (DPRW)

This is a private Class III railroad, not a common carrier. (Used to transport coal from mine to power plant).

Name and/or Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Deseret Power Railroad relation 8596380 Moffat & Rio Blanco Counties (Deserado Mine) - Colorado Line - Bonanza Power Plant, Utah Partial Fully electrified at 50 kV 60 Hz AC via overhead catenary. There are no at-grade crossings.

Salt Lake, Garfield and Western Railway (SLGW)

A short line railroad located in Salt Lake City, providing freight-only railcar switching services to industries along its 16 miles (26 km) of track.

Name and/or Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
SLGW; no known Line name relation 8718184 Salt Lake City No TIGER tags Some of the segments are questionable inclusions and some are tagged branch, some tagged industrial; rough
Garfield Branch relation 8833024 Salt Lake City Northern 2/3 is Reviewed, southern 1/3 is not Tagged industrial; little is known, not sure if this is correct

Utah Central Railway (UCRY)

A short line railroad serving Ogden and surrounding areas interchanging with Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railway trains running over UP via trackage rights.

Name and/or Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
UCRY; no known Line name Relation not defined yet Ogden Unknown

Passenger trains

Tracks and stations used for passenger train routes are correctly collected into route=train relations.

Amtrak (passenger=national) trains serving Utah (AMTK)

Amtrak® operates a rail network of intercity passenger=national trains State Train.svg in the contiguous United States, serving more than 500 destinations in 46 states, the District of Columbia and three Canadian provinces on more than 21,400 miles of routes. In Utah, Amtrak serves Salt Lake City, Provo, Helper and Green River.

Route name Trains (ref=*) Passenger Service type=route_master type=route Status and Notes
California Zephyr℠ 5, 6 national relation 905830 EMY-CHI relation 8440301
CHI-EMY relation 8440320
EMY-CHI Routing (3/4)Stops (2/4)
CHI-EMY Routing (3/4)Stops (2/4) Mostly complete; public_transport v2. 2438 miles (Chicago - Emeryville, California). Underlying infrastructure route=railway relations look correct, though relation is very large. Platforms, amenities around them need improvement.

Regional (passenger=regional) trains (future RMRA?)

Presently, no "regional rail" exists in Utah (middle-distances of 160 km to 1400 km; shorter than passenger=national rail but longer than passenger=suburban "commuter" trains, passenger=urban light-rail and passenger=local trams). Sometimes called "intercity." See RMRA regarding longer-term studies completed and plans (some out to 2044) for high-speed regional rail in the Front Range of Colorado, with extensions to neighboring Wyoming and New Mexico. How or if this might affect Utah, UTA or FrontRunner is unknown at this time (2022).

FrontRunner (passenger=suburban) trains (UTAX)

Utah Transit Authority's "commuter" rail trains State Train.svg, 89 miles (143 km) long, serving the Wasach Front.

Service Line Route Trains Master Relation Status
FrontRunner Train 750 relation 8718106 Rough public_transport v2 route_master relation, needs "double-check review." Is it Pleasant View -> Provo & Provo -> Pleasant View or Ogden -> Provo & Provo -> Ogden?

On all UTAX railway=* (which are dual-tracked for each direction of train travel), check ways for correct direction. This helps public_transport=stop_position to be accurately tagged at well-located node at stations/stops.

TRAX (passenger=urban) trains (UTAX)

Utah Transit Authority's light rail trains State Tram.svg. TRAX consists of three passenger=urban lines, named Blue, Red and Green. Routes should be tagged route=light_rail, even as these are street-running in dense Downtown and urban areas rather than always in their own dedicated right-of-way. These are under construction, though largely complete, in OSM.

Service Line Route Trains Master Relation Status
TRAX Blue Line Light Rail 701 relation 6073253 Incomplete public_transport v2; needs platforms and public_transport=stop_positions "added in the middle" to underlying v1 relations. Please review: assure correct tracks, track direction, platforms and complete and proper tagging on all of these.
TRAX Red Line Light Rail 703 relation 4789075 Incomplete public_transport v2; needs platforms and public_transport=stop_positions "added in the middle" to underlying v1 relations. Please review: assure correct tracks, track direction, platforms and complete and proper tagging on all of these.
TRAX Green Line Light Rail 704 relation 6073252 Early/rough v2 beginning to emerge as "largely correct." Needs a "double-check review:" assure correct tracks, track direction, platforms and complete and proper tagging on all of these. Direction of travel of trains is unknown whether correct, so perhaps correct direction of train travel is next to check; directionality on light_rail ways, reverse any that don't travel in a correct direction.†

†When direction is correct, matching train direction travel, this may have to do with how USA "gets away with" no route=tracks relations (as are found in Germany).

S-Line Streetcar (passenger=local) trains (UTAX)

Utah Transit Authority's Salt Lake City tram State Tram.svg.

Service Line Route Trams Master Relation Status
S-Line Tram 720 relation 8725393 Rough public_transport v2; needs "double-check review." An extension is emerging through Sugar House via 1100 East to 1700 South, better serving Westminster College.

See also Utah/Transit for UTA Bus routes (a substantially populated bus route table, not included in this rail wiki).

Tourism, museum, heritage and historic (passenger=local) trains

Under construction. Two tables, one for route=train relations, one for route=railway relations (where underlying railway=rail elements are tagged usage=tourism). May in the future expand to include miniature rail found in suburban parks, amusement park rail, etc. Examples include Thunder Junction Railroad in St. George and Zoofari Express at Hogle Zoo.

Heber Valley Railroad (HVRX)

A 16 mile (26 km) heritage railroad based in Heber City operating popular passenger excursion trains State Train.svg along a line between Heber City and Vivian Park, Soldier Hollow has a small station. It appears that part of the Provo River Parkway (mixed-use bike/ped railtrail) uses previous D&RGW right of way south of the end of the HVRX line at Vivian Park.

Section under expansion, other train routes may be discovered and added/restructured in this wiki.

Service Line Reporting Marks Route Relation Status
Deer Creek Express HBVR Train relation 8725238 This is a v1 route. There are numerous other route=train relations (Provo Canyon Limited, Lakeside Limited...) that might be added as new rows in this table
Railway Name Reporting Marks Route Relation Status
Heber Valley Railroad HBVR Railway relation 8725152 The route=railway relation is in this table; about 50% TIGER reviewed by distance

Disused lines

Lines that don't have regular traffic but with all infrastructure in place. Tracks are tagged railway=disused. Try this Utah-specific Overpass Turbo query. Needs work; incomplete.

Name Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Draper Line UP relation 8714330 Draper - Eagle Summit area - American Fork - Pleasant Grove - Orem Central Needs TIGER Review Seems to be associated with Porter Rockwell (rail)Trail. At the south end of the TRAX Blue Line. How much is disused, how much is active? Can all segments which are included be named "Draper Line" and are owner and operator tags correct? Where does UTA ownership begin and end? Should these be broken into two separate relations?
Manti Branch D&RGW relation 8714330 SW of Manti - Eastern edge of Gunnison Reservoir north of Sterling Done A central portion of this is tagged highway=footway, other segments are tagged highway=unclassified, an odd combination with railway=disused. Might the highway portions actually be railway=abandoned instead, in which case we move this to the Abandoned section?
Sunnyside Subdivision (disused) UP relation 8715758 Sunnyside Done
Tooele Army Depot Spur (disused) UP The single way is entered Tooele Army Depot, South Area Needs TIGER Review This appears in aerial/satellite imagery as "beyond" disused (as in abandoned / tracks removed). If it were used, it would get usage=military, but as it isn't, it won't. Additional tagging like siding / yard may be correct if tracks still actually exist. Move to Abandoned section?

Abandoned lines

Former railroad lines, whether still visible on the ground or not. Ways are tagged railway=abandoned, or if they have been completely built over or reclaimed as farmland with no trace, railway=razed. Try this Utah-specific Overpass Turbo query. Needs work; incomplete.

Name and/or operator old_railway_operator=* Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Marysvale Branch D&RGW relation 4227191 Elsinore - Joseph - Belknap No TIGER tags Appears to be associated with Candy Mountain Express Bike Trail, a railtrail on D&RGW ROW. The relation is the railtrail, not the entirety of the rail ROW.
Old Railroad Grade SP relation 8715949 Corinne (near Brigham City) - Northern edge of Great Salt Lake - Lucin airport No TIGER tags Associated with some railway=preserved at Golden Spike National Monument.
Unnamed D&RGW The single way is entered On Hurricane Mesa No TIGER tags Entered in 2007, very little is known. Should this be tagged railway=abandoned?
Unnamed D&RGW The single way is entered Near Sigurd in Sevier County No TIGER tags Entered in 2007, very little is known. Should this be tagged railway=abandoned?


A railtrail uses a former railroad right-of-way (ROW) for equestrian, bicycle or hiking paths, preserving the ROW for possible future re-use as a railway while providing a useful service in the meantime. These are often tagged highway=cycleway or highway=footway depending on whether they prefer or allow bicycle or pedestrian traffic. It is OK to tag both railway=abandoned and highway=cycleway if it is the case that an abandoned railway became a railtrail (for bicycle use, for example). Where a (multi-use) pathway is designated for pedestrians but also allows bicycles, tag highway=footway and bicycle=yes.

Clearly, this is simply an early stub table as few railtrails are known in Utah. Needs work; incomplete.

Name Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Candy Mountain Express Bike Trail relation 4227191 Elsinore - Joseph - Belknap No TIGER tags A regional cycleway, network=rcn CME
Porter Rockwell Trail Relation not defined yet Draper - Eagle Summit area No TIGER tags A cycleway at the south end of the TRAX Blue Line
Provo River Parkway Relation not defined yet Provo River Unknown Mixed bike/ped
Union Pacific Rail Trail relation 8725559 Park City - Coalville - Echo Unknown A designated mountain bike (largely unpaved, some segments are paved) trail, though pedestrians have access, so also tagged foot=yes


It would be very kind for more OSM volunteers to continue to build up this statewide "Yards" table (stub) with status on every single Utah rail yard. It is incomplete as there are many rail yards in Utah.

Name Railroad Area Subdivision(s) Served TIGER Review Status
Salt Lake City UP Yard Union Pacific Salt Lake City Provo, Shafter? Unknown Big yard! How does this look?