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Coastline cleanup

I noticed that the coastline is pretty bad in some spots. I am currently trying to clean up Corpus Christi, Texas, but my suspicion is that the TIGER data around the coast is still bad. Soycamo 23:53, 8 September 2009 (UTC)

TX road standardization...

Hey all in Texas, would like to officially propose standardizing and agreeing on a couple styles of roads here in Texas. I would propose that FM andRM roads be considered tertiary, except in upgraded areas near towns and such. And I have been classifying frontage roads of major highways as undetermined, feeling that even using tertiary on them may not be proper usage. What does everyone else feel? 25or6to4 21:37, 21 January 2010 (UTC)

Following the guidelines at United_States_roads_tagging, I would have to agree about FM roads being Tertiary. I would think that freeway feeder roads would be Secondary since they typically have multi-lanes, traffic signals and not stop signs, are high traffic and form a network with other secondary, primary, trunk and motorway highways. Although the frontage roads in Navasota are two-way, single lane each way roads that don't deserve a Secondary rating.
For what it is worth, I hate the term "Unclassified", because if I classify something as "Unclassified" then I have classified it as "Unclassified" so it is therefore, "clasified" and not unclassified.
At a later date, I will condense down the guidelines at United_States_roads_tagging into an easy to read guide, based on the types of roads we have here in Texas, and then post it on the main Texas page. --Xsintrik 18:41, 10 February 2010 (UTC)
I would agree with all that's noted above. I hate using unclassified as well, but didn't really feel that secondary quite fit it. But maybe it does... 25or6to4 23:46, 12 February 2010 (UTC)
Hey, 25or6to4, I just noticed that you posted a list of suggestions under United_States_roads_tagging that I was using as part of the source material for a general Texas road classifications guidelines. I should have them posted this weekend. BTW, do you know how to add a table of contents like on Talk:WikiProject_United_States? Also, how do I comment on my map edits?

I added a guide for categorizing roads. Any thoughts? --Xsintrik 02:31, 28 February 2010 (UTC)


Does anyone have any recommendations for classifying parks? I am working on Lake Somerville and there are Texas Parks and Wildlife Parks (state parks) and US Army Corp of Engineers Parks as well as privately run parks that lease the land from the Corp of Engineers. I've looked and can't find any defined way to seperatly classify National Parks, State Parks, County Parks and so on.

Also, I've found some info on tags for camp sites (tourism:camp_site), but what about amenities? I would like to add individual camp sites, but some have no ammenities, some have water, electric, RV hookups (tourism:caravan_site), picknik tables, covered picknick tables, BBQ pits and so on. Has anyone done any work on parks? Do we need to suggest some new tags for camp site amenities and park types? --Xsintrik 02:58, 20 February 2010 (UTC)

TX 249 Proposed Extension

Thanks to whoever added the State Highway 249 proposed extension from Tomball to Navasota. I updated it with additional details and add "(Proposed)" to the name. --Xsintrik 03:34, 31 March 2010 (UTC)

County roads

Hey, I just wanted to start discussion on how to tag county road relations so we might be consistent across the whole state. After a whole lot of browsing the wiki, it seems Ohio is the only other state to do anything like this, so I think following their example might be a way to go (see Ohio/Route relations/Networks). An alternative to coming up with 3-letter abbreviations for all 254 counties might be to simply use the county name (i.e. network=US:TX:Wood or network=US:TX:Van Zandt), which is what I've been doing so far in Wood and Smith County. A third case might be, "Why bother?" as I know Dallas County and many of the surrounding counties don't even have county road networks, and I don't know how many of the other 253 other counties even have county roads, since in my experience, the Farm-to-Market system seems to pretty well cover much of rural Texas. Either way, I wanted to bring it up here for discussion.

--UltimateRiff (talk) 05:38, 7 August 2017 (UTC)

Edit: Another point of discussion would be whether to have county road tagging guidelines on a Texas page like Ohio has, or on individual county pages as needed. I've already got a page started for Wood County, Texas, and I'm a bit partial to the latter option, since Ohio's page linked above takes forever to load for me. Probably because of all the images.

--UltimateRiff (talk) 06:01, 7 August 2017 (UTC)

Okay, since there doesn't seem to be anyone here to discuss this, I'm gonna go ahead and add a section (Texas/State Route Relations#County Roads) with my recommendations on how to tag county roads, subject to change if any discussion actually happens here.
For future reference, I'm recommending simply using the counties name, whether it's one or two words, (e.g. network=US:TX:Deaf Smith) and that each county should keep track of progress on their own pages, as to not clutter up the main page (e.g. Wood County, Texas/Road Classification).
--UltimateRiff (talk) 05:10, 30 August 2017 (UTC)