Corpus Christi, Texas

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Corpus Christi, Texas

latitude: 27.7417, longitude: -97.3955
Browse map of Corpus Christi 27°44′30.12″ N, 97°23′43.80″ W
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Corpus Christi is a city in Texas at latitude 27°44′30.12″ North, longitude 97°23′43.80″ West.

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Straight Streets

Many of the roads are crooked or malformed, and there are not enough roads marked as primary/secondary/tertiary. I am marking them as best as I can remember, but current residents are encouraged to correct them.

Coastal Cleanup

The coastline is incorrect in spots. These should be fixed and labeled, and the harbor can be marked per the Harbour article. Good question: do the two T-heads have different names? I always thought of them as one unit... they should also be marked as man_made=pier

Old Fogeys

Strange things are on the map that haven't existed since the early 90s (or earlier than that!!) There are no railroads anymore, and old schools that have since shut down are also marked.


Calallen isn't marked. I just marked Flour Bluff. Other places should be marked and outlined if necessary