San Francisco Bay Area, California

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San Francisco Bay Area, California

latitude: 37.6, longitude: -122.15
Browse map of San Francisco Bay Area 37°36′00.00″ N, 122°09′00.00″ W
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San Francisco Bay Area is a Region in California at latitude 37°36′00.00″ North, longitude 122°09′00.00″ West.

The San Francisco Bay Area is a geographically large mix of urban, suburban and rural areas usually comprised of nine California counties: Alameda County, California, Contra Costa, Marin County, California, Napa County, California, San Francisco, California, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Solano and Sonoma. The United States (US) Census Bureau defines a "Combined Statistical Area" (CSA) of these nine counties, plus two more, (Santa Cruz County and San Benito), for a total of eleven counties designated the "San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland, CA CSA." This larger CSA contains 7.46 million people — the sixth-largest CSA in the US.

We have been mapping trails in several parks:

Muir Beach, Marin - 30% done

Buena Vista Park, San Francisco - 90% done

The Dish Park (by Stanford), Palo Alto - 100% done

Memorial County Park, Loma Mar - 0% done - bad GPS signals due to tree cover, will try again

Calero County Park, San Jose - 30% done

Wunderlich County Park, Woodside - 10% done


Regional bicycle routes

See also California Cycling Relations. This rendering may be helpful: click the Routes button in the lower-right to see a list which should match this table.

San Francisco Bay Area regional cycling routes

Name Relation(s) Notes
Contra Costa Canal Trail relation 1710782
Coyote Creek Trail relation 3504713
Crystal Springs Regional Trail relation 2263205
de Anza Trail relation 5335186
Guadalupe River Trail relation 5322545
I-80 Bikeway relation 3084776
Iron Horse Trail relation 2202750
Lamorinda Trail Loop relation 2253987
Los Gatos Creek Trail relation 5335571
Lucas Valley Bike Route relation 6986931
Marin Coastal Bike Route relation 6987280
Marin County Bike Route relation 6986926
Marin Regional 5 relation 3224892
Matadero Creek/Page Mill Trail relation 5336230
Nicasio Valley Bike Route relation 6986930
Ohlone Greenway relation 8350573
Pacific Coast Bike Route (North) relation 7063452
Pacific Coast Bike Route (South) relation 53722
Richmond Greenway relation 8350578
San Francisco Regional 30 relation 32317
San Mateo North South Bicycle Route relation 1280656
Stevens Creek Trail relation 952271

San Francisco Bay Trail


The Bay Trail circles the shore of San Francisco Bay. Bay trail website

Bay Trail relations by county

County Relation(s) Notes
Alameda relation 325779
Contra Costa relation 325779
San Francisco
San Mateo relation 325779
Santa Clara relation 1285802
Solano relation 1076416

Regional hiking routes

This rendering may be helpful: click the Routes button in the lower-right to see a list which should match this table.

Name Relation(s) Notes
American Discovery Trail relation 1544944 This is actually a national-level trail, not regional
Bay Area Ridge Trail relation 13042088
Cowell-Wilder Regional Trail relation 3202914
Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail relation 3019594
Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail relation 1855761

Map features

Public transportation

Tag Bay Wheels bike share stations as:

network=Bay Wheels

OSM in the wild

Some of our neighbors in the Bay Area have recognized the care we've put into local coverage and have switched to OSM to take advantage of it: