San Francisco, California

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San Francisco, California, United States

latitude: 37.757, longitude: -122.449
Browse map of San Francisco 37°45′25.20″ N, 122°26′56.40″ W
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San Francisco is a city and a county in California, United States at latitude 37°45′25.20″ North, longitude 122°26′56.40″ West. It is the only such coterminous example in the state. As of 2018, there are 40 of these in the USA, known more widely as a "Consolidated City-County."


Upcoming Events

Most Bay Area OSM events are listed on the Bay Area OpenStreetMappers page.

Maptime SF also hosts frequent meetups about OpenStreetMap.

Event Ideas

Please feel free to suggest locations and goals for future events.

  • The area around Fort Funston StellanL 05:44, 9 January 2010 (UTC)

The Status of the San Francisco Map

The OSM map of San Francisco is good but not great. Areas that are pretty much completed and areas that need work are listed below.


Issue Status Notes
Geometries 99% The streets geometries are pretty much complete. A touch up may be needed here or there.
Junctions 99% The streets have junctions in the correct places. Hard to say its perfect but I haven't found any errors.
One Ways 98% There are some small one or two block alley like streets that I've found to be lacking correct one way information. Everything else looks correct.
Turn Restrictions 5% Almost completely unmapped. To help go to the San Francisco Turn Restrictions page to see what needs to be worked on.
Classifications 90% Most streets are correctly classified but there are some errors. Most of the errors seem to be small one block or half block streets. These are classified as residential when service, alley or footway would be correct. There are other larger changes needed as well but not very many.
Speed Limits 0% There is a citywide speed limit in place on most streets but there are posted exceptions. These aren't mapped at all.


Agency Status Notes
Muni Rail and Trolleys 90% All rail is mapped as mostly public_transport:version=2 (with platforms mapped but omitted from route relations). See Muni.
Muni Buses 60% Trolley and bus routes are somewhat developed in a public_transport:version=1 sense, with little growth and progress towards version 2. Only a small percentage of the stops have been mapped. See Muni.
BART 100% All rails and routes should be mapped and up to date at this point. some stations are basic and need more details and amenities added. Montgomery Station has been mapped as a 3d building with detailed indoor mapping that needs some attention.
CalTrain 95% Mostly done for San Francisco. Stations could use touch ups. Routes showing where express trains stop may need some need version 2 completion/correction. See Caltrain.
Golden Gate Transit 5% Only a few scattered bus stops. No routes at all.
AC Transit 15% Almost all stops are mapped. Routes vary in quality and are mostly incomplete. AC Transit changes their routes frequently and is difficult to keep up with.
SamTrans 5% Only a few scattered bus stops. No routes at all.

This table is for the San Francisco portion of these agencies service area only. Linked agency pages are for the agencies complete service area.


Main article: San Francisco Bicycle Routes


Main article: San Francisco Parks

Most of the parks are at least on the map as a node from the GeoName import although there are definitely some missing. "Pocket Parks" in particular, especially recent ones, are missing. Many parks also need to be traced so that they are an area instead of a node. Facilities and amenities also need to be added.

Everthing Else

OSM has building footprints for the entire city, thanks to the Mapbox Data Team. However, these buildings still need addresses and heights.

The city has over 3000 bars and restaurants; Very few of them are on the map.

Most hotels aren't on the map.

Almost no shops and stores are on the map.

Most schools, libraries, fire and police stations, post offices, and hospitals are on the map due to the GeoNames import. These do need to be reviewed though because some of them no longer exist or have moved. This is especially true with the hospitals as there are many that are listed as hospitals but are clinics or public health offices.

There are 44 fire stations in SF proper and three at SF airport according to the SFFD website.

We have some mail boxes in but not very many of them.

WMS Imagery

USGS High Resolution Orthoimagery

Quality Checks

see links in the place box to Notes, keepright, Mapdust, ...

Possible Data Sources has a lot of geodata produced by the city.


The San Francisco Address Import is in its planning stage.

A San Francisco Building Height Import has also been proposed by User:Alan.