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SFAddresses is the shape file of address nodes released into the public domain by the City of San Francisco, California.

NOTE: this page describes a stalled import proposal from 2010. It probably needs to be rewritten. However, the topic is still relevant: most of San Francisco still lacks addresses, although it has building footprints since 2014.

Imported data

The data can be found at in various formats.

Many address points are aligned with parcels' centroids rather than buildings' centroids, thus, the parcel layer will be used for matching: point -> parcel, parcel -> building.

Right to Use

All data is released under the Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication and License. You don't need any special permission to use the data in OSM for example.

For details:

Data Quality

The data is of excellent quality overall.

There are some small issues. The data in the file comes the voter registration project, the Department of Building Inspections Address Verification System and the city's parcel map. The DBIAVS and the parcel map place the node in the center of the building. The VRP puts it at the street. Neither is wrong but when combined it "looks messy."

Interested Parties

All importers will create new accounts specifically data imports, following the Import/Guidelines. When those accounts have been created, they will be listed here.


Materials (inputs, code, output) are ready for review.

The resulting .osm-files have been uploaded with the Yury_Yatsynovich_--_OSM_Imports account on 07/09/2020.

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