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There are still some parks that are missing and some that are nothing more than a node from the GNIS GeoNames import. Even many the parks that have geometry are still missing important details such as walking paths, sports courts, playgrounds, water fountains and other amenities.

There are probably around 150 parks in SF at a very rough guess. This list will probably not be completed for some time but it is a starting point.

I included a "Wikipedia Page" column because I figured, hey, if you're going to go to a park and walk through it and map it why not take some pictures and start an article for it as well.

Park Status Wikipedia Page Notes
10th & Clement Mini Park 80% no Done from satellite imagery. Needs a walk through to get more detail.
15th Avenue Steps 10% no Just a node. Needs everything.
24th & York Mini Park 30% no Basic Geometry. Needs everything else.
29th and Diamond Open Space 10% no Nothing but a node. Needs Everything.
Adam Rodgers Park 70% no Traced from satellite imagery. Needs more detail.
Alamo Square Park 90% Yes Needs walk through for details.
Alice Marble Tennis Courts 50% no On top of the reservoir.
Balboa Park 80% Yes
Dolores Park 90% Yes Missing water fountains, benches and type of playground equipment
Garfield Square 80% Yes
Golden Gate Park 70% Yes Missing some foot paths. Missing some facilities like sports fields, bathrooms and water fountains.
Sutro Heights Park 70% Yes Needs some footpaths done with GPS. Overall pretty good.
Utah & 18th Mini Park 70% no Done from satellite imagery. Needs a walk through to get more detail.
Willie "Woo Woo" Wong Park 95% no Needs benches and type of playground equipment. Everything else is there.