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To Do for the SF Wiki page

Make a separate page for bikes with tables of the bike routes and their status.

Make a table for fire stations and their status, eg, reviewed or not. Also, if someone is going there to confirm the existence and location they could get the address for it too. Also add babyhatch=yes because all CA firestations are safe surrender sites.

Do the same list of reviewed and verified for police stations and hospitals and schools and libraries.

Continue work on parks page.

Make page for sfaddresses address node import that is being worked on.

Although the highways are mapped and geometrically and topologically correct almost none of the exit junctions are named which is useful for creating pretty routing output. Make a table for this.

-- User:Gregory Arenius 09:47, 30 November 2010

San Francisco Highway Tagging

The current use of trunk highway tags in San Francisco don't really make sense.

  • Both the 19th Ave part of Highway 1 and the Van Ness, Lombard, Richardson parts of Highway 101 are marked as trunk. However, these are ordinary city streets (comparable to other major city streets) with intersections at every block and pedestrians and shops; nothing like expressways.
  • The Presidio Parkway (101 from Marina Blvd to Highway 1) and the Presidio section of Highway 1 are also marked as trunk. However, these are controlled-access highways, divided with concrete barriers, with no at-grade intersections. I think these should be considered motorways instead.

--Newacct 03:20, 10 June 2012 (BST)