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This is now a "sub-wiki" to California/Railroads, from which it was split off due to the sheer size of the amount of Active rail and the space taken up by their data and tables. As this subordinate wiki was large even after that split, it split, too into Active Common Carrier Lines Northern and Active Common Carrier Lines Southern. Small enough to not split is Private Rail (all of California), below. The north/south split occurs in San Luis Obispo at the northern terminus of UP's Santa Barbara Subdivision and the southern terminus of UP's Coast Subdivision as well as at "Tehachapi Loop" south of Bakersfield (approximately MP 351), splitting BNSF Mojave Subdivision, so it is found in both BNSF Northern and BNSF Southern sections/tables.

Main article: California/Railroads. See also California/Railroads/PassengerState Train.svg

Active Lines tables for Private Railroads are believed to be complete and correct. If you find a Private Railroad line (relation link, Review Status...) that needs to be added, updated or improved, whether to the map or to this wiki, please do so and thank you for your contributions!

Private Railroads (all of California)

Designated by the Surface Transportation Board, some privately owned rail infrastructure receive a waiver under US legal code regarding railroads and so are not classified as Common Carriers. Here are tables for California's Private Rail, expressed as route=railway relations, with active, regular, private rail traffic, whether freight or industrial.

Mojave Northern Railroad? (MNMX), Southwest Portland Cement Railroad (SWPC)

Name Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Mojave Northern Railroad relation 6377611 Victorville - Black Mountain No remaining TIGER tags, seems reviewed This is a private railroad, not a common carrier (serves/owned by CEMEX). Ways are tagged usage=industrial for this limestone mining railroad.

United States Gypsum (USG)

Name Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Plaster City Railroad relation 6176602 Plaster City - Gypsum Mine Done This is a private railroad, not a common carrier (serves/owned by United States Gypsum). A 42 km long narrow-gauge (914 mm) industrial railroad between USG's gypsum mine and plaster-board factory.

West Isle Line (WFS)

About 5 miles. Interchanging with BNSF at Stoil.

Name Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Alpaugh Branch relation 3112882 Alpaugh - BNSF's Bakersfield Subdivision Complete This is a private railroad, not a common carrier (serves/owned by Crop Production Services, Inc., a subsidiary company of Agrium; was Western Farm Service). As of 2022, owner (parent company) is Nutrien; see here.

Color semantics

About the (status) colors in the Name column

Green means that the route's TIGER data in OSM are fully reviewed. This strongly implies that all other relation attributes are correct, but this isn't always strictly true; see Notes column.

Yellow means "only partially reviewed" ; additional volunteer work is needed to enter or correct additional railway route data into OSM. Yellow may also mean a route has a volunteer entering data, yet route ambiguities persist about what is actually correct.

Red means that "something" (often very little) is known about the route, so it is useful to put a row in the table about it as a placeholder, but it likely may be too early to create a route relation: route data are unknown, incomplete or route attributes are significantly missing. Currently, no table entries here are red.