Mendocino County, California

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Mendocino County, California, United States

latitude: 39.3831, longitude: -123.4763
Browse map of Mendocino County 39°22′59.16″ N, 123°28′34.68″ W
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Mendocino County is a county in California, United States at latitude 39°22′59.16″ North, longitude 123°28′34.68″ West.

Current Projects

Goal Area Tasks Status People
Improve maps for driving Central coast - Fix TIGER way types, names, alignment

- Cross-reference with Mendocino County GIS

- Delete non-existent ways

- Add gates and access=private where appropriate

50% (2/23/2022) @trafficfurnitur
Improve maps for cycling Central coast - Add major routes on public lands based on GPS traces

- Add major forest roads in JDSF based on aerial imagery and cross referenced with JDSF base map

- Add ref tags for JDSF road numbers

- Set way types based on classification below

25% (2/23/2022) @trafficfurnitur

Notable Mapping Areas

Area Description
Central Coast Coastal areas between 10 Mile River and Navarro River, west of ridge
North Coast Coastal areas north of 10 Mile River: Westport, Usal Forest, Sinkyone Wilderness
South Coast Coastal areas south of Navarro River: Elk, Pt Arena, Sea Ranch
Anderson Valley Boonville, Yorkville flats
Ukiah Valley Ukiah, Redwood Valley
Little Lake Valley Willits, Laytonville
Eel River Valley Leggett and areas north along 101
Round Valley Round Valley
Mendocino National Forest Mendocino National Forest areas

Current Challenges

  • Ways derived from TIGER data and marked as residential roads contain many driveways, non-existent roads, and blocked or otherwise unusable forest roads.
  • Many local roads have multiple names in common use.
  • Routing to many addresses is incorrect because the address location is physically closer to the wrong road.
  • There are many private roads that are ambiguous to classify. In California law, Private Road has a specific legal meaning, i.e., a privately maintained road, with no implication on access restrictions.

Local Classification Guide

This is a local helper, intended for forest areas and residential areas near forest areas.

Residential road A way is probably a residential road (or other road) if:

- It's a public or private road that serves more than about 3-4 residences

- It's in Mendocino County GIS

- It has a name

- It ends in a cul-de-sac (for fire truck turnaround)

- There's no clear marker of private access ("no trespassing" sign facing ingress traffic)

Driveway A way is probably a driveway if:

- It serves less than 3-4 residences

Service road A way is probably a service road if:

- It's not better classified as a residential road or a driveway

- The owner considers it a major logging road, such as a haul road

- It's maintained (i.e., if a 4-inch tree fell across the road, it's likely someone would remove it in less than a week)

Unmaintained track road A way is probably an unmaintained track road if:

- It's not continuously maintained for vehicle traffic. (Temporary maintenance for an active logging area does not apply.)

- It clearly has been used for vehicle traffic in the past

- Would be passable by 4wd vehicle traffic after minor maintenance (fallen tree removal, rut filling)

- It has not been decommissioned by the owner

- It is not better described as a path or cycleway based on predominant usage

cycleway A way in a forest area that:

- Is not better classified above.

- Is not passable by vehicle traffic or would require major maintenance to be passable by a 4wd (culvert or bridge replacement, washout fixes)

- Is generally passable on mountain bicycle without frequent dismounting, for example, stream crossings have maintained ramps for bridges or fords

Path A way in a forest area that is generally passable only on foot

Large land owners

Mendocino County has several large land owners (>50000 acres) that have many existing ways imported from TIGER data. Some of these landowners have conservation easements or other requirements to discourage trespassing.

  • The Conservation Fund confirmed that roads on TCF land is not open to the public for any purpose without written permission, and requested not to add new forest roads on TCF land to OSM.