Folsom, California

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Folsom, California

latitude: 38.67, longitude: -121.14
Browse map of Folsom 38°40′12.00″ N, 121°08′24.00″ W
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Folsom is a City in California at latitude 38°40′12.00″ North, longitude 121°08′24.00″ West.


Folsom is a city in the state of California, east of the city of Sacramento.

Current Status

The Tiger information in Sacramento county is fairly accurate, as far as the placement of roads go. Several users have been adding amenities. There are several new communities that have been constructed since the Tiger / Census that need to be added.

The roads in El Dorado county, just to the east, are not placed well at all and need aligning.

Aerial Offsets

Certain areas require the aerial photos to be offset to line up correctly. I don't think you can apply offsets using Potlatch, but I use JOSM, which allows you to save offset bookmarks even so you can easily switch between them. Watch out for breaks in the aerial tiles too, as they don't always line up with each other. This section lists the offsets I've used around various areas.

  • Bing offset = -0.40; 2.68
    • Empire Ranch Golf Course
  • Bing offset = -0.40; 5.42
    • Empire Oaks Elementary/Hazel McFarland Park
    • In-n-out
    • Vista High School
  • Bing offset = "2.35; 1.75"; MapQuest offset = "0.90; 0.72"
    • Briggs Ranch to Folsom Auburn Road (where newer Bing images can be seen)