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This page describes California state highway route and county highway route relations. Note that Interstate and US routes are distinctly omitted from this page. Interstate and US highways are included in California's statewide highway numbering protocol, as California state routes deliberately do not collide in their numbering with Interstate routes and US routes. See below about "logical extensions" at the boundary of an Interstate route and a California state route which share the same route number.

State Routes

California State Route 49
California State Scenic Highway.svg

Highways that are officially a State Highway Route with the green ("'49er miner's spade") California numbered highway sign. Use network=US:CA on the route=road relation, along with a ref=* tag with a value of the route number. These vary from one lane for traffic in both directions (e.g. segments of Highway 35 in the Santa Cruz Mountains) to freeway with as many as 12 total traffic lanes, including carpool lanes and parallel entrance/exit lanes (e.g. Highway 91 in Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties) — as well as most possibilities in between. All are fully paved. California state highway numbers do not duplicate Interstate or US highway numbers, unless the state highway is a physically-connected continuation of an Interstate as a "logical extension" (because it does not meet all of the physical standards for an Interstate). To be clear, a "logical extension" isn't actually an Interstate route, it is a state route that does not meet Interstate standards, while deliberately numbered the same as the Interstate, as it may be upgraded to Interstate in the future. For example, State Routes 15, 110 and 210 connect to Interstates respectively so numbered, exactly at the junction where the state route's physical standards fall below minimum Interstate requirements.

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) administers signed "Scenic Highways," legislatively defined as part of California's "State Scenic Highway System". Some highways are defined as being "eligible" for becoming a Scenic Highway, but have not (yet) been given this designation. For those highways which are so designated, especially when signed as such (a rectangular sign with an orange California poppy — the state flower — on a medium-blue background with snow-covered dark green mountains in the bottom-background), use network=US:CA:Scenic on a separate route=road relation to designate it as part of this statewide subnetwork. Exactly two California Historic Parkways are defined as a subset of the State Scenic Highway System (network=US:CA:Scenic) and should be additionally tagged with historic=yes.

Use unsigned_ref=* when a State Route exists but is unsigned, as well as to distinguish which State Scenic Highways are which (as some may be unsigned with the Scenic Highway shield). Do use unsigned_ref=* on a designated Scenic Highway route relation which is unsigned with the Scenic Highway shield, but do not use this tag on an "eligible" (but not officially designated by Caltrans) Scenic Highway.

There are also several County Routes — or segments of them — which have been designated "Scenic Highways," the only visible difference being the sign is the same except it is pentagonal instead of rectangular.


Route number Relation Progress
1 relation 156504 North end to San Luis Obispo done. Ventura connection to 101 needs to be completed. (TIGER data are out of date?)
2 relation 319538
3 relation 319600
4 relation 335190
7 relation 332406 border crossing (south end) needs fixes
9 relation 358142
11 relation 6198455 (north)
relation 6198456 (south)
SE to border crossing is now (2022-Q3) under construction
12 relation 334370
14 relation 157990 relation 157989
15 relation 1483011 (south)
relation 1483010 (north)
"logical extension" of Interstate 15 between I-8 and I-5. May become part of Interstate 15 in the future.
16 relation 334271 (west section)
relation 334981 (east section)
17 relation 309738 (south)
relation 161694 (north)
18 relation 349578 fix routing through Big Bear area
19 relation 325714
20 relation 331392
22 relation 151658 relation 151665
23 relation 157999 relation 158000
24 relation 215687
25 relation 330674
26 relation 335030
27 relation 324392
29 relation 334675
32 relation 333576
33 relation 324682
34 relation 357734
35 relation 358161
36 relation 319745
37 relation 309717 relation 309716
38 relation 349579
39 relation 273982
41 relation 309983 relation 309982
43 relation 326916
44 relation 331114
45 relation 333595
46 relation 334722
47 relation 357315 partial
49 relation 331070


Route number Relation Progress
52 relation 152267 relation 152268
53 relation 335124
54 relation 158001 relation 158002
55 relation 151673 relation 151671
56 relation 152734 relation 152732
57 relation 151622 relation 151621
58 relation 158220
60 relation 155931 relation 155913
61 relation 335541
62 relation 336887
63 relation 331088
65 relation 309751 relation 309752
66 relation 349539
67 relation 332003
68 relation 358079
70 relation 331086
71 relation 151836 relation 151835
72 relation 349553 partial
73 relation 151738 relation 151742 Toll road
74 relation 331873
76 relation 331822
77 relation 335615
78 relation 152727
79 relation 331829 partial
82 relation 157044 Started north end
83 relation 349536
84 relation 335071
85 relation 109570 (North)
relation 109571 (South)
86 relation 332331
86S relation 332581 future north end of CA 86
87 relation 76279 Complete
88 relation 215685
89 relation 331103
90 relation 326011 (west section east)
relation 326012 (west section west)
relation 325937 (east section)
91 relation 151632 relation 151628 Has "toll express lanes"
92 relation 158178
94 relation 154462 relation 154463
96 relation 355720
98 relation 332399
99 relation 2469001 (north segment, north of sacramento)
relation 158012 (northbound)
relation 158011 (southbound)


Route number Relation Progress
102 Only in design phase; unconstructed
103 relation 357321 should mostly be motorway
104 relation 334992
105 relation 8441059 Might the western portion of this (at merge of I-105) be considered a "logical extension" of Interstate 105?
107 relation 358017
108 relation 331084
110 relation 319437 relation 319436 "logical extension" of Interstate 110. May become part of Interstate 110 in the future. From Figueroa Street/Avenue 26 in Los Angeles to Glenarm Street in Pasadena, designated a California Historic Parkway (as well as a National Scenic Byway); the first freeway in the Western USA.
111 relation 331994 South end needs to be fixed
113 relation 333772
115 relation 332438
116 relation 335103
118 relation 157987 relation 157988
119 relation 316932
120 relation 330991
121 relation 335096
124 relation 334984
125 relation 155367 relation 155360 Toll road
126 relation 309761 relation 309760
127 relation 337484
128 relation 335116
131 relation 357996
132 relation 335670
133 relation 151687 (South)
relation 151682 (North)
Toll road
134 relation 157986 relation 157985
135 relation 355845
136 relation 337474
137 relation 331093
138 relation 349640 partial
139 relation 332651
140 relation 7714229 (Super)
relation 1642781 (East)
relation 7714228 (West)
142 relation 349534
144 relation 356563
146 relation 326420
149 relation 331384
150 relation 356561
152 relation 325143
154 relation 355952
155 relation 330758
156 relation 357761 fix intersection with san juan road near Hollister
160 relation 335069 Is it signed through Sacramento?
161 relation 332671
162 relation 333773 (east section)
relation 339458 (west section)
163 relation 151855 relation 151856 Through Balboa Park in San Diego, designated a California Historic Parkway
164 relation 448063 unsigned; Complete
166 relation 355844
169 relation 355719
170 relation 309993 relation 309992
173 relation 349746
174 relation 331488
175 relation 335123
177 relation 336885
178 relation 326793 (west section)
relation 337486 (east section)
where is west end of east section?
180 relation 330949
183 relation 357759
184 relation 326762
185 relation 335613
189 relation 349767
190 relation 330770 (west section)
relation 337475 (east section)
192 relation 356011
193 relation 331087
197 relation 355820
198 relation 330676


Route number Relation Progress
200 relation 355713
201 relation 331489
204 relation 326851
207 relation 335216
210 relation 158671 relation 158669 "logical extension" of Interstate 210. May become part of Interstate 210 in the future.
211 relation 163687 almost complete. Northern end unclear. Does it continue left or right?
213 relation 358066
216 relation 334713
217 relation 357750
218 relation 358132
219 relation 335668
220 relation 2469248
221 relation 335088
225 relation 356872
229 relation 334723
232 relation 357744
236 relation 358157
237 relation 109568 (West)
relation 109568 (East)
Complete; has "toll express lanes"
238 relation 335636 At northern end / Castro Valley, connects to (unusually numbered) I-238 and I-580
241 relation 151830 (South)
relation 151832 (North)
Toll road
242 relation 309701 relation 309700
243 relation 331935
245 relation 334712
246 relation 355934
247 relation 349627
253 relation 335153
254 relation 166583 in progress
255 relation 162119 complete
261 relation 151828 (South)
relation 151827 (North)
Toll road
263 relation 355747
267 relation 76331 Complete
271 relation 355694
273 relation 332645
299 relation 161078
330 relation 349574
371 relation 331835
710 relation 2471023 unsigned; a "logical extension?" of I-710 which does not meet Interstate standards. Legislation passed in 2019 authorizes its relinquishment to the City of Pasadena on or after January 1, 2024, which, if/as it happens, should allow this relation to be deleted from OSM. Then, a tidy-up of trunk and expressway tags is in order.
905 relation 331516 Planned to become Interstate 905 in the future; does not meet Interstate standards now (2022)

County Routes

Imperial County Route S2 CA.svg
California County or Local Scenic Highway

California County Routes are designated by a letter followed by a number (e.g. "S2") on a distinct pentagonal blue shield. The letter indicates the zone the highway route is in (A, B, C, D, E, G, J, N, R, or S). A zone may cover multiple counties or split a county in two.[1] The current county is clearly on the sign using this specific protocol. These "County Routes" are distinct from "State Routes" (numbered highways, above), and are in their own network in OSM. Use network=US:CA:CR.

County Routes — or segments of them — which have also been designated "Scenic Highways" on a separate route=road relation (the only visible difference being the sign is the same except it is pentagonal instead of rectangular) have this designation administered at the state-level by Caltrans along with the county, not solely at the county-level (all other administration / maintenance of County Scenic Routes is at the county-level). Use network=US:CA:CR:Scenic on the separate route=road relation.

A: Lassen, Plumas, Shasta, Siskiyou, Tehama

Route number Relation County Progress
A1 relation 2377508 Lassen
A2 relation 2377519 Lassen
A3 relation 2377530 Lassen
A5 relation 2377531 Tehama
A6 relation 2377532 Tehama
A7 relation 2377533 Tehama
A8 relation 2377534 Tehama
A9 relation 2377535 Tehama
A10 relation 2377509 Siskiyou
A11 relation 2377510 Tehama
A12 relation 2377511 Siskiyou
A13 relation 2377512 Plumas
A14 relation 2377513 Plumas
A15 relation 2377514 Plumas
A16 relation 2377515 Shasta
A17 relation 2377516 Shasta, Tehama
A18 relation 2377517 Shasta Portions are part of the State Scenic Highway System
A19 relation 2377518 Shasta
A20 relation 2377520 Shasta
A21 relation 2377521 Lassen, Plumas
A22 relation 2377522 Plumas
A23 relation 2377523 Plumas, Sierra
A24 relation 2377524 Plumas, Sierra
A25 relation 2377525 Lassen
A26 relation 2377526 Lassen
A27 relation 2377527 Lassen
A28 relation 2377528 Siskiyou
A29 relation 2377529 Siskiyou

B: Butte

Route number Relation County Progress
B2 relation 2377536 Butte

C: Sonoma

This County Route is poorly known but appears to be asserted by Sonoma County, Department of Transportation and Public Works, Roads Division (awaiting confirmation by telephone). It is unsigned. It may have been constructed partially with federal funds, making its classification / categorization as a "County Route" unusual, and helping to keep its existence vague, as it isn't found in (many) datasets which list such road assets, but there is this shield graphic. Some confusion exists.

As the person who writes this here and now, I never got a call back from the County (the various departments I spoke with nor their legal department, who I suggested — the roads department manager liked this — might do some research on some Caltrans-overlap that isn't readily apparant). My research largely indicates there are nine regions in the lettering, three each in northern, central and southern state sub-regions. So C, (C1), seems to be an outlier (making ten). There is a "figment of somebody's imagination" about C1, or at least some understandable vagueness / confusion present. I did not originally enter the route. I am (merely?) doing my best to "keep the situation tidy" as it happened. So, C1 "may be deleted as better data become available." I'd add "easily." Stevea (talk) 21:09, 13 July 2022 (UTC)

Route number Relation County Progress
C1 relation 8499470 Sonoma unsigned; continues westerly from west terminus of State Route 128

D: Del Norte

Route number Relation County Progress
D1 relation 2377537 Del Norte
D2 relation 2377538 Del Norte
D3 relation 2377539 Del Norte
D4 relation 2377540 Del Norte
D5 relation 2377541 Del Norte
D6 relation 2377542 Del Norte
D7 relation 2377543 Del Norte
D8 relation 2377544 Del Norte

E: Alpine, Amador, Butte, Calaveras, El Dorado, Placer, Plumas, Sacramento, Solano, Tuolumne, Yolo, Yuba

Route number Relation County Progress
E1 relation 2377545 Alpine
E2 relation 2377556 Placer, Sacramento
E3 relation 2377559 Placer, Sacramento
E4 relation 2377560 Yolo
E5 relation 2377561 Tuolomne
E6 relation 2377562 Yolo
E7 relation 2377563 Sonoma, Yolo
E8 relation 2377564 Yolo
E9 relation 2377565 Sacramento, Yolo
E10 relation 2377546 Yolo
E11 relation 2377547 Yolo
E12 relation 2377548 Sacramento
E13 relation 2377549 Sacramento Portions are part of the State Scenic Highway System
E14 relation 2377550 Sacramento
E15 relation 2377551 Calaveras
E16 relation 2377552 Amador, El Dorado
E17 relation 2377553 Tuolomne
E18 relation 2377554 Calaveras, Tualomne
E19 relation 2377555 Yolo
E20 relation 2377557 Yuba
E21 relation 2377558 Butte, Plumas, Yuba

G: Monterey, San Benito, San Luis Obispo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz

Route number Relation County Progress
G1 relation 2377566 San Benito
G2 relation 156040 Santa Clara Complete
G3 relation 105445 Santa Clara Complete
G4 relation 156039 Santa Clara Complete
G5 relation 1702480 Santa Clara
G6 relation 74885 Santa Clara
G6 relation 74885 Santa Clara Complete
G7 relation 2377578 Santa Clara
G11 relation 2377568 Monterey, San Benito
G12 relation 2377569 Santa Cruz, Monterey
G13 relation 2377570 Monterey, San Benito
G14 relation 2377571 Monterey, San Luis Obispo Portions are part of the State Scenic Highway System
G15 relation 2377572 Monterey
G16 relation 2377573 Monterey
G17 relation 2377574 Monterey
G18 relation 2377575 Monterey
G19 relation 2377576 Monterey, San Luis Obispo
G20 relation 2377577 Santa Clara Portions are part of the State Scenic Highway System
G21 relation 1702479 Monterey

J: Alameda, Calaveras, Contra Costa, Fresno, Kern, Inyo, Mariposa, Merced, Sacramento, San Benito, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Tulare, Tuolomne

Route number Relation County Progress
J1 relation 2377580 Fresno, San Benito
J2 relation 2377591 Alameda, San Joaquin
J3 relation 2377593 San Joaquin, Stanislaus
J4 relation 2377595 Alameda, Contra Costa, San Joaquin
J5 relation 2377597 San Joaquin
J6 relation 2377599 San Joaquin, Stanislaus
J7 relation 2377600 Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus
J8 relation 2377601 Sacramento, San Joaquin
J9 relation 2377602 Stanislaus, San Joaquin
J10 relation 2377581 Sacramento, San Joaquin
J11 relation 2377582 Sacramento, San Joaquin
J12 relation 2377583 San Joaquin
J13 San Joaquin only signed at western terminus as an easterly reassurance shield (near Lammers Road); 11th Street/I-205 Business
J14 relation 2377585 Stanislaus, Calaveras
J15 relation 2377586 Tulare
J16 relation 2377587 Mariposa, Merced, Stanislaus
J17 relation 2377588 Merced, Stanislaus
J18 relation 2377589 Merced, Stanislaus
J19 relation 2377590 Tulare, Fresno
J21 Tulare unsigned
J22 Tulare unsigned
J23 relation 2377592 Tulare
J24 Tulare unsigned
J25 Tulare unsigned
J26 Tulare unsigned
J27 Tulare unsigned
J28 Tulare unsigned
J29 Tulare unsigned
J30 relation 2377594 Tulare
J31 Tulare unsigned
J32 Tulare unsigned
J33 Tulare unsigned
J34 Tulare unsigned
J35 Tulare unsigned
J36 Tulare unsigned
J37 Tulare unsigned
J38 Tulare unsigned
J40 Fresno, Tulare unsigned
J41 relation 2377596 Inyo, Tulare
J42 Tulare unsigned
J44 Kern, Tulare
J46 Tulare unsigned
J59 relation 2377598 Merced, Stanislaus, Tuolomne
J132 relation 2377584 Mariposa, Tuolumne

N: Los Angeles, Orange

Route number Relation County Progress
N1 relation 5692609 Los Angeles Portions are part of the State Scenic Highway System
N2 relation 2377604 Los Angeles
N3 relation 2377605 Los Angeles
N4 Los Angeles
N5 Los Angeles
N6 Los Angeles
N7 relation 2377606 Los Angeles
N8 relation 2377607 Los Angeles, Orange
N9 relation 5692610 Los Angeles

R: Riverside

Route number Relation County Progress
R2 relation 3691011 Riverside Complete
R3 relation 2377609 Riverside

S: Imperial, Orange, Riverside, San Diego

Route number Relation County Progress
S1 relation 2377610 San Diego
S2 relation 1483102 San Diego, Imperial Complete
S3 relation 2377622 San Diego
S4 relation 1491051 San Diego Complete
S5 relation 2377628 San Diego
S6 relation 1373347 San Diego Complete (with a break at State Route 76)
S7 relation 2377629 San Diego
S8 relation 1491075 San Diego Complete
S9 relation 2377631 San Diego
S10 relation 4476369 San Diego
S11 relation 2377611 San Diego
S12 relation 2377612 San Diego
S13 relation 2377613 San Diego
S14 relation 1491046 San Diego Complete
S15 relation 2377614 San Diego
S16 relation 1594400 Riverside, San Diego
S17 relation 2377615 San Diego
S18 relation 938727 Orange
S19 relation 2377616 Orange
S21 relation 2120232 San Diego
S22 relation 1491060 San Diego Complete
S24 relation 2377617 Imperial
S25 relation 14210765 Orange Complete
S26 relation 2377618 Imperial
S27 relation 2377619 Imperial
S28 relation 2377620 Imperial
S29 relation 2377621 Imperial
S30 relation 2377623 Imperial
S31 relation 2377624 Imperial
S32 relation 2377625 Imperial
S33 relation 2377626 Imperial
S34 relation 2377627 Imperial
S80 relation 2377630 Imperial

Unlettered: San Bernardino

San Bernardino County 66.svg

There is a County Route in San Bernardino County which was petitioned by the county to Caltrans to be part of the state-coordinated County Route system, but specifically without a "zone letter." This is signed with the same pentagonal blue shield displaying the name of the (single) county it is in, but emblazoned with simply a number and no "zone letter." So, because of the state coordination (and tangentially, similar signage), this road seems more similar to the "alphanumeric" County Routes (above, in the same section of this wiki), yet distinct from the "numeric only" scheme(s) of individual counties (below, in the next section of this wiki). For these reasons, on this specific route, use network=US:CA:CR.

Route number Relation County Progress
66 San Bernardino

Routes (roads) numbered at the individual county level into a single-county numbered network

This section is "early emerging." As more specific county data become available and better-known, please update relevant sub-sections. This includes creating a new sub-section for any county which has a numbered county road network.

These roads do not fit into the "alphanumeric" network (above, in the previous section), as there are no "zone letters" and these roads are geographically restricted to and are numbered and administered by a single county. They are in their own section in this wiki because they (mostly) diverge from the blue pentagonal signage of the alphanumeric network of County Routes. Exceptionally, the Lake County routes do use blue pentagonal signage, but are not state-coordinated (as is County Route 66 in San Bernardino County, above).

Unlettered: Lake

There are four County Routes in California's Lake County (only) designated using a different scheme than the "lettered zone" system in the rest of the state: they are "unlettered" with no "zone" region and are simply numbered, bypassing alphabetic zoning altogether. It does not appear that these routes or their numbering have any state coordination, rather they are completely administered at the Lake County level. These use the blue pentagonal shield emblazoned with "Lake County" and a number. Use network=US:CA:Lake.

Lake County 145.svg
Lake County 515.svg
Route number Relation County Progress
145 Lake
502 Lake
505 Lake
515 Lake

Unlettered: Mendocino

California has at least one network of (nearly one thousand) numbered roads (over one thousand miles total) assigned by a single county, in Mendocino County. Currently (2022), none are mapped with route=road relations, though some ways are tagged with ref=*, the value being the number or alphanumeric assigned by the county. These route=road relations should be tagged network=US:CA:Mendocino. These are seldom signed, however signs as reassurance shields (green rectangle with white numbers: 431, 435) have been seen, for example around the Four Corners intersection (near Sinkyone State Wilderness). See the Talk page.

Unlettered: Other counties where roads in a numbered county network might or do exist

There are other counties where numbered roads exist, but it isn't clear whether they are a county network or simply a naming convention. For example, Tulare County has a "Road 150," though what isn't clear is whether this might more accurately be named "County Road 150" (Tulare County being the agency responsible for both naming and administration / maintenance of this road), whether it is signed with a "150" shield (of any style) and whether the road has another (non-numeric) name.

Any other numbered roads belonging to an individual county network in California should be tagged network=US:CA:<county>.

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