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GPSLogger II
License: Free?
Platform: BlackBerry OS
Version: (2013-11-01)
Language: English
Programming language: Java

The free AIO logging and tracking Solution (developed since 2009)

GPSLogger II for BlackBerry® Devices running OS4.6 - OS7.1

GPSLogger II is a pretty straightforward application – it records your physical movement on your BlackBerry® device over time. The recorded information includes, beside your actual location data in WGS84, the elevation, your speed and some additional data. You can select between imperial, metric or nautical units.

The location information can be displayed on a plain canvas or GPSLogger II can make use of BlackBerryMaps (if installed), and other Open Map data providers (like Bing!Maps®, GoogleMaps® or MapQuest) to display your movement on a map. Please note when you make use of BlackBerry Maps that this can imply additional data charges.

Additionally, GPSLogger II can direct you to a location that you either entered manually or have previously recorded (via the "Guide Me Home" function). This can be quite useful whether you want to locate your car in a big parking lot or you are in the wilderness and have lost your orientation. As extended functionality to the "Guide Me Home" feature a very easy to use outdoor navigation is integrated into GPSLogger II also.