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There are two user roles for that application:

  • Business owner
  • OSM Mapper

Business owners know a lot about their business, and most probably want to add information to map. But as a rule, they don't know much about OSM peculiarities.

OSM Mappers are experienced in OSM.

Our current ways to add poi are:

  • Add a note and hope that somebody will add a POI.
  • Register and do-it-yourself.

Both ways are troublesome: notes do not give you any clue about what information OSM mappers need to add to POI. For do-it-yourself way we have very high entrance level, especially for POI mapping.

Most common mistakes:

  • Unknown type of POI (It's hard for inexperienced user to find the right way to specify shop type or accommodation type and so on)
  • Misplaced POI. Another mistake, when inexperienced users, add information on point inside building when POI occupies the whole building, or add the same info on both - point and building way.
  • Missed or wrongly mapped additional tags

So the app consists of two parts:

  • Add poi form with templates and search over templates.
  • Moderation queue for added data


  1. Business owner hits add poi button, and points the location on map.
  2. Add form appears.
  3. BO selects a type of a POI. You are free to choose any source of OSM POI types catalog. I use my but there are many others (JOSM presets, Vespucci presets and so on). Also we need a search among types.
  4. For selected types customize form with additional tags which are related for that type of POI.
  5. BO fills the rest of the form. (Actually form pushes you to add more info)
  6. Except additional fields, these poi-notes are plain notes, with comments and so on.
  7. Logged OSM mapper, has some additional actions available:
    1. Add poi to map as node in one click (we already have mapping between form fields and osm tags).
    2. Add poi to map on enclosing polygon/multipolygon
    3. Edit some fields before adding poi to map
    4. Close the ticket

If user, who adds POI is already logged in, add those buttons below right to the form.

  1. Add poi to map as node in one click.
  2. Add poi to map on enclosing polygon/multipolygon

For developers

The most difficult part is interaction with templates (poi types catalog). Also you'll need to create a search for POI types. Get/Add information isn't that hard. You will need to encode changes to osm change format and submit them via REST. There are some examples for that. Next part is OSM login - it's OAuth Note that there is already


  • Will the app be a part of existing openstreetmap-website?
    • I actually don't know. To make something a part of existent is not a question of technique, It's a question of trust among mappers to functionality. If community finds this app useful it will be a part of What I actually hope will happen.