Garmin Mapsource installer/Development

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Development notes for the Garmin Mapsource installer. You only need to be concerned with this page if you're interested in hacking the installer itself.

Getting the source

   svn co

Getting Aut2Exe.exe

This program is written in the AutoIt automation language. AutoIt is now proprietary software but versions before and including 3.1.1 were released under the GPL. 3.1.1 is the version this program is developed against.

In the garmin-mapsource-installer directory do:

   # Custom User-Agent because they block wget
   wget -U foo
   # -d so that it doesn't extract everything to the current directory
   unzip -d autoit


Once you have AutoIt you can enter the garmin-mapsource-installer directory and do:


This will build the program using wine(1) and drop the result into dist/