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unluckely the maintainence stops.

The area covered by the map once generated. See also the bbox on the main map
Fossvogur in Reykjavík
The cyclemap showing prominent cycleways in upper Elliðárdalur

A Garmin map of Iceland is generated from the OpenStreetMap database daily around 08:00 UTC.. The map data is retrieved from the daily geofabrik export of Iceland.

Maps generated

  • Default - The default mkgmap rendering (see screenshot) you probably want to get this
  • Default - MapSource - A MapSource installer for the default map. get this if you use Microsoft Windows and MapSource
  • Cycle map - A cycling map (just like the UK one)
  • All - The default map and the cycle map.

What files do I get?

Each directory (default, cyclemap, all) has both a file with a name like 13314531.img and a file named gmapsupp.img.

If you're using Microsoft Windows and use Garmin's MapSource to manage your maps you should get the MapSource installer. Once MapSource recognizes the map you can upload it to your GPS from there. See Garmin Mapsource installer for further info on the MapSource installer.

The gmapsupp.img file is the only one your Garmin device reads. It's an archive which can contain more than one map, the default/gmapsupp.img archive contains the default map which is probably the one you want.

You could also get cyclemap/gmapsupp.img which contains the cyclemap or all/gmapsupp.img which contains both the default and the cycle map. But if you have both loaded on one device finding points of interest can be confusing as you'll have two copies of each POI in each find menu; or one from each map.

Other files

  • Iceland.osm - A local copy of the OSM file used to produce the map.
  • VERSION.txt - The software versions used to generate the maps

How do I install the .img file on my device?

See OSM Map On Garmin#Installing

Iceland OSM and Garmin in German:

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