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This data layer contains the international, inter-provincial and territorial boundaries, as well as the boundaries of Canada's exclusive economic zone. It is not intended for legal use, and should be utilized for cartographic purposes only.

Basically, it's the shapes which go around names of each region. So when your navigating on GPS over a blank space.. it would still show up as in that town/city.

In OSM it's boundary=administrative as a basic tag; But we need to go into detail on it.

Administrative area (prov_ab_p_geo83_e.shp)

Geobase Attribute Attribute Value OSM tag



Universal unique identifier (uuid) uuid uuid=geobase:uuid
Administrative area type (type_e) PROV






Administrative area name (name) name=name of the attribute 'name'
Source Agency (src_agency) NRCAN Not required ??
Last update date (l_upd_date) date Not required ??
Last update type (l_upd_type) C (creation)

G (change geometry)

A (change attribute)

GA (change geometry & attribute)

Not required ??
Previous update date (p_upd_type) date Not required ??

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