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GeoMinds are a group of individuals with an ardent passion for GIS and the GeoSpace. We believe innovation and sustainability are the yin-and-yang of business, and strive for excellence from the foundation of stability. Our unwavering commitment to our clients fuels our desire to keep acquiring relevant knowledge and to continue developing our skills. We believe knowledge is a universal right and provide professional training in our field to any number of aspirants through our GeoMinds Lab initiative.

Zeal for all things GIS has driven each of our exceptional members forward for the past several years. We have been growing our repertoire by interacting with and learning from various experts in the field and its related domains. Our like-mindedness, confidence in our ability, and work ethic led us into a formal organization to deliver high-quality geospatial products. Voila! Geominds is born. Read our origin story.


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