Georgia (U.S. state)/State Highway Relations

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Tag Comment
type=route Required.
network=US:GA Required.
ref=* Required. ex. 316
route=road Required.
modifier=* Optional. Common examples include "ALT", "BUSINESS", "BYPASS", "SPUR", "TEMP", "TOLL", "TRUCK", "LOOP"
symbol=* Optional. URL to an SVG image of the route shield. You can find these in Wikimedia commons (see the Wikipedia page for each route).

Name Tag should not be marked on same relation unless the entire system has the same name. One relation can cover both directions.

Avoid relation proliferation, if possible. If a relation already exists for the route you are tagging, you can reuse the existing relation in your area. In Potlatch, do a relation search on the existing relation's number.

Tagging guide

Marker way Way relation Relation
Reassurance Guide sign
Georgia 100.svg ref=GA 100 network=US:GA
Georgia 515.svg ref=GA 515 network=US:GA[1]
Georgia 520.svg ref=GA 520 network=US:GA[1]
Georgia 17 Alternate.svg Alternate plate.svg
Georgia 17.svg
ref=GA 17 Alternate network=US:GA:Alternate
Georgia 9 Business.svg Business plate.svg
Georgia 9.svg
ref=GA 9 Business network=US:GA:Business
Georgia 24 Bypass.svg Bypass plate.svg
Georgia 24.svg
ref=GA 24 Bypass network=US:GA:Bypass
Georgia 73 Loop.svg Loop plate.svg
Georgia 73.svg
ref=GA 73 Loop network=US:GA:Loop
Georgia 85 Spur.svg Spur plate.svg
Georgia 85.svg
ref=GA 85 Spur network=US:GA:Spur
Truck plate.svg
Georgia 12.svg
ref=GA 12 network=US:GA[1]
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Network value conflated with normal state highways

Route relations

Some highways are moving from the old way-based tagging scheme to the new route relations. Each relation should have network and ref keys, as well as a symbol key with the URL to the SVG image found on the highway's Wikipedia article. If the entire route has the same name, the name key may also be specified on the relation.

Interstate highways

Mark all member relations as network=US:I. Please keep this list synchronized with Interstate Highways Relations.

In Georgia, all U.S. Interstate Highways are co-signed as Georgia State Routes.

Interstate Highways Relations

U.S. Routes

Mark all member relations as network=US:US Please keep this list synchronized with United States Numbered Highway Relations‎.

In Georgia, all U.S. Numbered Highways are co-signed as Georgia State Routes.

United States Numbered Highway Relations

State Highways

Mark all member relations as network=US:GA. For a list of all of the Georgia State Routes, see the Wikipedia List of numbered highways in Georgia (U.S. state). State Route designations of 740 or higher are used for administrative purposes only and are not posted along State Route roadways. Maps created by the GDOT that reflect the current State Highway and U.S. Route System designations on Georgia's public road system can be found here.

Route number Super-relation Relation Progress Notes
8 relation 269475 In Progress Complete through Clarke County.
10 relation 269385 In Progress Complete from western terminus to just east of Athens. Complete from eastern terminus to I-20.
11 relation 299283 In Progress Barrow County.
15 relation 269442 In Progress Complete through Clarke County.
53 relation 299282 In Progress Barrow County.
72 relation 269476 In Progress Complete through Clarke County.
81 relation 299284 In Progress Barrow County.
82 relation 299286 In Progress Barrow County.
85 relation 1067451 relation 1067450 (north) In Progress Complete end-to-end, but needs improvement. Most of road is not reviewed or separated into dual-carriageways
relation 1067452 (south) In Progress
120 relation 1067474 (east) In progress Started, Cobb county at GA 120 ALT
relation 1067473 (west) In progress
124 relation 299960 In Progress Barrow County.
155 relation 319781 In Progress DeKalb County
211 relation 299285 In Progress Barrow County.
316 relation 299281 In Progress Barrow and Oconee Counties.
324 relation 299961 In Progress Barrow County.
330 relation 299949 In Progress Barrow County.
403 relation 299962 Deleted by NE2 Barrow County.
422 relation 269402 Deleted by NE2 Covers the same route as GA 10 Loop

Business/Alternate/Loop Bannered State routes

Mark all member relations as network=US:GA.

Route number Relation Progress Notes
10 Loop relation 269403 Complete
14 Spur needed
15 Alternate relation 269435 In Progress Complete through Clarke County.
25 Spur Woodbine relation 6946657 Complete
120 Loop Decommissioned as of 2007; no longer exists
120 Alternate relation 1067475 (east)
relation 1067472 (west)
Mostly complete Needs improvement where it connects to GA 120; tagging
138 Spur needed
180 Spur needed
404 Spur needed