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This is one of the Past Events 2008. A mapping party in Girona, Spain. It place just prior to the 2nd FOSS GIS conference. The SIGTE, which is the group organizing the conferences, provided support.

There would be two main goals: roughly map the entire city, and map in detail the conference place.

Original sign-up list

Anybody can attend the party, no previous experience with OSM is required. We'll have Y! imaginery, so a bit of experience with GIS software, specifically JOSM, would be very useful.

If you are interested in attending to the mapping party, you can sign down here (this is an informal list, just to see who may be coming).

Old organisational details

What to bring

  • GPS unit (to get GPS traces and note waypoints)
  • Digital camera, if you know how to geo-reference photos
  • Pen & paper (essential)
  • Laptop (try to have JOSM installed)


The party will be held in 1st-2nd March 2008, and the afterparty will extend up to March 5th.

  • Saturday Mar 1st: meet, crash-course on OSM techniques and tools
  • Sunday Mar 2nd, morning: assign zones, go map
  • Sunday Mar 2nd, afternoon: meet, clean up data and upload to OSM
  • Monday Mar 3rd, morning: Render the data (t@h), provide a computer for the conference showroom; find a place to print a DIN A2 poster with the just-rendered data.
  • Monday-Wednesday Mar 3rd-5th: Man and look after the conference showroom.

We might keep mapping after the weekend, and/or set up a workshop during the conference.

Things needing attention

  • GPS units - will anybody from UK come with OSM lendable units? SteveC will be bringing the loan-able GPS units.
  • Printouts of the city to assign districts
  • Working, non-saturated OSM and t@h servers on sunday afternoon
  • Poster. Needs to be printed on May 3rd, first time in the morning.
    There are printing/copy shops near the university
  • Computer for the showroom. Laptop? Desktop? Monitor? IvanSanchez is taking care of it.
  • Give-away CDs/DVDs
    Full planet and tools?
    Shapefile of the city, just after the party?
  • Decide a place to have dinner/drinks

Useful links

  • URL to the WMS from Catastro with the correct SRS. Just as a reference... ;) [edit]


More to come...