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Past event. A mapping event in Ludhiana, India


The Department of civil engineering,Guru Nank Dev engineering college,ludhiana is organinsing an event of “gillmapping” on 22/11/2009(Sunday) at 9:00 A.M. For preparing digital map of gill village with the help of nss unit,association of civil engineers &linux user group with following objectives.

(a)To help Govt./NGos for their social welfare schemes. (b)To help our community such as traffic police,cabs etc in track locating. (c)To help physically challenged people(blind) navigate on their own (d)To help grow industrial business in the area of “digital mapping” and to provide scope of placements for students.

We plan to start this project from gill village and thereafter the whole city will be covered. An inaugral function is being planned at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College on 22/11/09 at 9:00A.M. To mark the start of this project and make everyone aware of it.

                                               Open Street Maps

Open Free maps are Free editable maps.these are made with the help of GPS by anyone at anytime. These maps allows us to view,edit and use geographical data in the callobrative way from anywhere on the globe. Like in some areas, We have some buildings and street being built all the time and with the help of OSM we can always locate this location of sbeakers on the ground and can get up-to-date data.

More important thing is that information is free. It will be owned by the community- not by any big corporate which means it can be accesed by anyone,anytime and anywhere nad can also edit it accordingly. Open street map(OSM) maps are more accurate then anything else on the market in many parts of world depending upon awareness nad participation of community. By using OSM we will come up with new applications and winning innovations around the information we recorded.

Maps prepared by OSM have already Started In US and is new in India. These maps

(a)Help to Grow the industrial business in the area of digital mapping and provided the scope of placements of the students in the same area. (b)Help as track locator to the community such as Traffic Police,Cabs etc. (c)Help as a navigator for the physically challenged people(Blind).

Department of civil engineering at GNDEC Ludhiana is going to prepare such maps. Initially we are starting from Gill Village and Our target is to Prepare maps of ludhiana city. All the data collected by this will be given away free for others to use.

For collecting the data of Gill Village our Students will carry GPS to different part of gill village nad will record the information and then will upload and then this will be provided to the community for the use.

We can get further information regarding open street maps from below link

Faculty In charge:-

Er. Rajinder Ghai, Lecturer, Civil Engineering Department, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College Ludhiana(Pb) India

Er. Harkamaljeet Singh Gill, Lecturer, Civil Engineering Department, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College Ludhiana(Pb) India

Chairman : - Prof.(Dr.) H.S. Rai HOD,Department of Civil Engineering Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College Ludhiana(Pb) India

upcoming events:- uploading the list of the Mapping Team

posted by:-

Daljeet Singh Pathania