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Google Maps using OpenStreetMap data, with credit (see bottom left), via a GTFS feed [1][2]

 Google is an American multinational software company that provides services such as Google Maps and Google Street View.

Note that copying from Google Maps is unacceptable due to legal restrictions. Though in some rare cases some exceptions may apply (please consult with wider community before assuming that exception applies).

Google Maps terms of use

The Google Maps Terms of Use explicitly forbid using Google Maps content - both map data and Google Street View - for making any other content. It includes using them for OSM mapping.

© No Creating Content From Google Maps Content. Customer will not create content based on Google Maps Content. For example, Customer will not: (i) trace or digitize roadways, building outlines, utility posts, or electrical lines from the Maps JavaScript API Satellite base map type; (ii) create 3D building models from 45° Imagery from Maps JavaScript API; (iii) build terrain models based on elevation values from the Elevation API; (iv) use latitude/longitude values from the Places API as an input for point-in-polygon analysis; (v) construct an index of tree locations within a city from Street View imagery; or (vi) convert text-based driving times into synthesized speech results.

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