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skp2osm lets you use OpenStreetMap in SketchUp.


Create 2D outline of a building using 1-2 photos. This is to be a useful tool for areas where high resolution satellite imagery is not available.

Main features

Google Sketchup Plugin
Author: user:vvoovv
License: BSD
Platforms: Windows and macOS
Version: (2011-02-22)
Language: English
Source code:

Plugin to use OSM in the SketchUp editor

  • Import of OSM files to SketchUp
  • Import of GPS tracks in NMEA and GPX formats to SketchUp
  • Export from SketchUp to OSM file


  • You should know how to do 3D modelling in SketchUp. You should know how to reconstruct 3D buildings from photos using SketchUp's Photo Matching tool
  • The photos used for 2D outline reconstruction should not be cropped!


Download the plugin from here and unpack to Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Plugins

On mac the folder is: /Library/Application Support/Google SketchUp 8/SketchUp/Plugins


  • Reconstruct 2D outline of a building using Photo Matching tool. The outline should be parallel to XY plane otherwise it will not be exported to OSM file.
  • Prepare OSM files and GPS tracks to be imported to SketchUp. Their extent should be quite small.
  • File -> Import... to import the files to SketchUp.
  • Place the reconstructed 2D outline to an appropriate location inside OSM ways and/or GPS tracks using Tape Measure, Move, Scale and Rotate tools
  • Export the 2D outline to OSM file: File -> Export to OpenStreetMap file... The outline will be exported with the tags building=yes and source=skp2osm
  • Open the just exported OSM file in JOSM for final editing and sending to the OSM database.


  • Non-latin characters in the path to imported and exported files are not supported
  • Export of grouped objects is not supported. If you group objects in SketchUp, remove grouping before exporting to OpenStreetMap file.


Please submit it to the OSM forum. Use the same login and password as at There is also Russian forum thread.

See also

  • Mapbox Map Importer – proprietary SketchUp extension for importing Mapbox maps, including those based on OSM